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Left and Right Game

Left Right Birthday Printable Party Game

The left and right game is a gift exchange game involving inexpensive gifts or gag gifts. It's often played for Christmas, but it's equally fun at birthday parties, and showers.

To play the left right game, you need a left right story. You can make up your own or you can use one of ours.

Our left right story games all have specific themes, such as the Birthday Left Right Game and the New Year's Right Left Game. Most are rhyming stories, sure to get big laughs!



Birthday Version: Right and Left Game

To play the right left game, each guest brings an inexpensive gift or a gag gift. Everyone sits or stands in a circle. A special story is read aloud.

The story contains the words, "LEFT" and "RIGHT". Players stand or sit in a circle and pass their gifts continuously either left or right depending which word was last spoken in the story.

You can write your own right-left story with your creative Birthday theme in mind. Be sure to put the words, "left" and "right" in the story plenty of times.

But to make it really easy, just get our Birthday version. For $1.99, it's a great deal. Just print and play!

Left Right Adult Birthday Re-gift Game

Left Right Birthday Re-gift Game

Suitable for Adult Birthdays



Here are a few lines from our Birthday Version of the Right Left Story Game:

You've LEFT the old year, and look towards the new,
so your friends wanted to do something nice for you.

We looked for the RIGHT gift for your birthday bash,
but times have been slim, so we were LEFT with little cash.

Yet a car would be just RIGHT, so we went out to search...

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