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Left Right Game

Left Right Game

The left right game is a gift exchange game that can be played at bridal showers, Christmas parties, and any home party.

Printable Left Right Stories and Poems

How to play the Left Right Story Game

No matter what type of party you're hosting, start by letting guests know you'll be playing a gift exchange game. Everyone is usually hoping to be the person who brought the most unusual or funny gift. Guests can bring inexpensive gifts, gag gifts, or any type of gifts they wish.

The host can also supply the gifts using a mixture of party favors, inexpensive gifts, and possibly one or two desirable gifts (just to make it a little interesting).

The idea behind the game is that everyone sits in a circle and holds one gift to be exchanged. The host or hostess reads a Christmas story to the group. This story or poem contains the words, "left" or "right".

Each time these words are read aloud, the guests pass their gifts in that direction. The gift each guest is holding when the story ends is the gift he or she gets to open.

The host should prepare the story ahead of time and put in as many "left" or "right" words in the script as possible.

For example, "Santa left his sleigh on the rooftop, went right down the chimney, and left the gifts under the tree. Right before he left, he ate the cookies the children left for him. He left no evidence that the cookies were a bit stale!"

The longer and more creative your story, the more anticipation you'll create. Who will get the beautifully wrapped gift that's surely holding a fantastic treasure? And who will get the flimsily wrapped gift that holds questionable treats? By the end of the story, the mystery is revealed!

Christmas Version of the Left Right Game

You can write your own left-right game with your creative Christmas themed story that contains the words "left" and "right." But to make it really easy, just get ours. For $1.99, it's a great deal. Just print and play!

Left Right Christmas Story

Left Right Christmas Story

Suitable for All Ages



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New Years, or After Christmas, Version of the Right Left Game

So Aunt Bertha, with all her good intensions, gave you something for Christmas that's not "you". But never fear, one person's returnable can be another's treasure!

There's no need to tell Aunt Bertie. Just have some extra fun after Christmas with your friends and have a "re-gift exchange!" One possible option for this is creating a left right game that's for the occasion. We've created one that's a poem.

Here's how ours begins:

It's the day of Christmas and what do you see?
A beautifully wrapped gift LEFT under the tree!

You're so happy, you spring RIGHT out off your seat
To unwrap the gift that's surely a treat!

Of course, what you discover is that your gift in the story is not the jewel you thought it was!

With our version, you're able to print and party right away!

Left Right New Years Game

New Years After Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Appropriate for Adult or Office Parties



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