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Left Right Story

Left Right Story

Print our left right story and make your gift exchange game the best you've ever had! We've got different versions: the left right Christmas game, birthday party, New Year's, and bachelorette party versions. The left right game is so much fun, it can be played at practically any type of party.

You can write your own right left game with your own creative story that contains the words "left" and "right." But it's much easier to use ours. Print and play instantly; it's a great deal.

Left and Right Game for Bachelorette Parties

Using a left right story for a bachelorette party gift exchange game is just a little different than the other left and right games you may have played at gift exchange parties.

To play the game, each girl should bring an inexpensive wrapped gift. It can be a gag gift, something sweet and fun, silly, or whatever she thinks other guests would like. Leave the gifts in one spot until you're ready to play the game.

When everyone is ready, each girl gets a gift. It doesn't need to be the one she brought. The ladies either sit or stand in a circle with gifts in hand.

The hosts reads a special "Left Right Story" aloud. You can create your own story using the words "left" and "right" as many times as possible during the story.

Guest pass gifts continuously to the left or right as soon as they hear the words "left" and "right".

The great thing about this bachelorette party game is that it can be done at a clean bachelorette party or a bachelorette party that's a little more salsy. It all depends on the types of gifts your friends bring!

We've created a Bachelorette Party Left Right Story so you don't have to. Just plug in the bride's name, and you're good to go! It's a print and play instant game. So you can play it tonight!

Our printable Bachelorette Party Left Right Game is fun and funny, and suits any type of bachelorette party.

While a little blushing is usually in order even a clean bachelorette party, our story won't cause embarrassment (though the gag gifts might...). Other than the mention of lace panties and the like, the story is harmless. The rest is up to you! Here are a couple of examples of lines:

They LEFT for lingerie boutiques and novelty shops,
To buy red lace panties, boas and fun lollipops...

With gifts LEFT in tissue and sweetly wrapped in bows,
The contents of the packages nobody really knows.

When the ladies hear the words, "The End", they stop passing gifts and open the one they're holding.

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Party Game: Left Right Story



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Bridal Shower Version of the Left Right Game

Start by purchasing inexpensive, small shower favor gifts for each guest. You could also ask each guest to bring an inexpensive gift for exchange if you prefer.

The host should compose a story about the bride and groom using the words, "right" or "left." Have each guest sit in a circle and give each guest a wrapped gift. The host then reads the story aloud and when the word "right" is used, the guests pass their gifts to the right. When the word "left" is used, the guests pass their gifts to the left.

The story can be embellished to include these words as much as possible. For example, "Sarah found the RIGHT man! John LEFT no stone unturned when searching for the right ring and the right place to propose."

"He LEFT early to make sure the restaurant was just RIGHT, that they had the RIGHT champagne to serve, and the RIGHT flowers on the table. The ring was to be hidden RIGHT inside the flowers. But oh no, he LEFT the ring at home!..."

Bridal Shower Left Right Game

Left Right Bridal Shower Game



When the left right story is complete each person opens the gift he or she is left holding. Visit our Bridal Shower Games page for more great game ideas.

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