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Movie Theme Party

The Casting Call Movie Theme Party is the most unique and fun Hollywood theme party you can host! Create your own movie cast for big laughs.

And, if glamour is more your style, visit the Hollywood theme party page for lots of fun Hollywood theme party ideas.

Casting Call Movie Party Theme

In this creative themed party idea, you'll bring an entire movie cast together for a Hollywood theme party. The catch? The movie is one you'll create! (No worries, you don't really have to create a movie).

Here's how to pull it off:

Create a movie title and a short paragraph about the movie plot. Send out "Casting Call" invitations with the title and plot. Encourage guests to create their own movie characters and dress the part.

The movie/Hollywood theme party is a great idea for a adult birthday party. Say you're hosting a birthday party for a guy named Joe. Title your movie something like, "Farmer Joe Goes to Manhattan".

So the guest of honor is "Farmer Joe". Other guests come as whoever they please: Joe's New York love interest, Joe's Boss, Joe's evil step brother, or a Mafia member Joe gets mixed up with. The characters are really up to your guests' imaginations.

Provide nametags for your guests. Guests write their character's name and what role they play in the movie on their tags. The nametags serve as a great icebreaker. Party goers will enjoy hearing about the characters other guests have created.

How to Create a Movie Skits Game For Your Movie Theme Party

Find out how clever your guests can be when put in the spotlight.

Have all guests place their character nametags in a bowl. The host draws two names from the bowl. These two characters must improvise what role they play in the made-up movie you created (with no practice time given).

Using the above example (given in the Casting Call Movie Theme Party at the top of the page), the host might draw "Farmer Joe's Boss" and "Farmer Joe's Love Interest". The host makes up a question such as, "Both of your characters meet in the movie, how do they meet?" The person who decided to come as "Joe's Boss" makes up an answer.

The "Boss" may say, "She approached me and said she'd like me to murder Joe." The "love interest" then comes up with her response, "That's what he'd like you to think, but in fact he wanted Joe murdered. He was afraid Joe was going to take his job."

Whoever has the most creative and convincing improv wins a Hollywood style award.

More Movie and Hollywood Theme Party Ideas

Want more movie theme party ideas? Visit the Hollywood theme party page, for all the best red carpet ideas. Also, the outdoor movie theme party page will give you great ideas on how to create the outdoor movie experience.

Outdoor Movie Screening

Outdoor Movie Theme Party

This outdoor movie theme party is about enjoying the great outdoors with a film fest feel! The Sundance Film Festival has nothing on this summer theme party idea!

Start by renting a projector from one of many online projector rental companies. Projectors and start as low as $100 for a day’s rental.

Movies can be projected on a white wall or you can create an outdoor movie screen by fashioning a white sheet, or white painter’s drop cloth to a wall or fence.

You can also rent a projector screen from local rental companies that supply them for corporate events.

Movies are best viewed when the surroundings are dark, so plan this creative party theme for nighttime.

Select a movie that’s easy to follow, fun and creates a festive feel. Say you’re hosting a movie themed engagement party; rent "The Hangover" a hysterical movie about a Vegas bachelor party gone awry. Or, maybe it’s retro night and you’d like to rent "Dr Strangelove", "Ghost Busters" or "Groundhog Day"!

Once you’ve selected a movie, work around the theme of the movie to create a really special event. Select the most memorable aspects of the movie and bring them to life.

For information of renting a projector through the mail try: Projector 123

Outdoor Movie Theme Party: Birthday Party Ideas

An outdoor movie theme party makes a great birthday party idea. It’s casual, unusual, and most of all entertaining.

Want to feature the birthday person in a unique way? Create (or have someone create) a movie trailer featuring photos or videos of the birthday person.

Use it as the preview to the feature film. Keep your preview brief, with fast paced photo shots to create a "true to life" movie trailer that will put a smile on your birthday person’s face!

How to Host an Outdoor Movie Theme Party

You’ve chosen the movie "Ghost Busters". The movie is about ghosts, so decorate the yard with a few ghouls. Serve up some "green slime punch" (ghosts are known for green slime). And, remember the "Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man" from the’ll want to have marshmallows for roasting over the fire pit.

Of course, a movie theme party wouldn’t be complete without popcorn and sodas, so have those on hand too!

An outdoor movie theme party can be as casual or elegant as you like.

For a casual affair, have guests bring folding chairs and picnic blankets. Set up a "concession stand" for self serve hotdogs, beverages and easy to prepare summer recipes.

For a formal affair, rent tables, chairs, linens and a red carpet. Roll the red carpet out as a center aisle and place the tables and chairs on each side.

Movie Theme Party Supplies

Every great party theme, has party supplies that match the theme. For an outdoor movie, that might be a rented slushy machine, a red carpet runner, or popcorn served in movie themed cups.

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