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Check out these Printable Mystery Games by Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta!

Mystery Party Kit

Mystery Games
Get for Information on this Printable Mystery Party Game
Winery Murder Mystery Party Kit
Get for Information on this Printable Mystery Party Game

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Mystery Games for Your Creative Party

Mystery GamesMystery games are the perfect creative party idea!

Remember the board game Clue, where you solved the murder of Mr. Boddy by determining who, where and how the murder was committed? Like Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick!?

A game of mystery is the modern-day equivalent of the classic board game, only it's live, and you and your guests are the suspects.

With a mystery game, those playing harness their "Inner Sherlock Holmes" to question the suspects (and each other) and determine which suspect is guilty.

The fun of a murder mystery party is that everyone has the opportunity to unravel a puzzle and feel the thrill of piecing it all together. And while we may not want to admit it, everyone wants to be the person who picked up on that one clue that everyone else missed ... and look absolutely brilliant in front of their friends, co-workers and family.

Before the Internet, a mystery game was only found on store shelves alongside board games. It's rare to find these boxed mystery and riddle games in stores these days though - the industry has moved online.

The Internet allows a party host looking for a creative party theme idea the chance to compare, select and instantly download their game. If they like, they can be playing within minutes - the perfect way to spice up party.

Depending on the game and the production company, a mystery game also unlocks the door to some incredible bonus features, like virtual tours and other online resources.

Wine Tasting Mystery Party GameOnline Places to Purchase the Best Mystery Script Games

You can spice up any party with a mystery and then get ready for a KILLER night! You'll find mystery game kits you can print and play the same night with your guests acting as characters in a suspenseful drama.

The games listed below are cleverly written so that (if desired) even the host doesn't know the final outcome. You can choose all sorts of themes. The Cheers all Year staff loves these themes which include murder mystery scripts and even pranks and puzzles for younger crowds.

Our Top Picks For Mystery Party Games

Our Favorite Picks for Downloadable online mystery game themes and Mystery Board Games Include: Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit
  • "Love Writes a Deadly Verse" If ever you thought Halloween was the only time for a murder, think again! Love's passion can be just as deadly! You'll be speaking in poems by the end of this fun epic murder mystery game. The small version is designed for a group of 10 (five men and five women), but the large version can be played with as many as 300!
  • "Death is a Cabernet" What an interesting party idea: A wine tasting murder mystery! This is the perfect party idea for 4 couples. You can even play it in your neighborhood as a "progressive party". That is, four homes host one wine and appetizer along with one set of clues. The final set of clues is revealed at the last home where the murder is finally solved.
  • "Twas the Night Before a Murder" What a way to host a Christmas party! This game has a unique twist because that will have your guests mingling with ease at your party: guaranteed. What is it? Entertain a large number or small number of guests or family members - any number of people can solve the mystery, including those who aren't acting it out. We LOVE this feature in murder mystery dinner games!
  • "Evil Never Dies": This is the perfect Halloween themed mystery with 6 characters that are a scream! What do we like about this fantastic game? The plot is terrific. Up to 60 guests can enjoy and play the mystery, but it only takes 6 friends to play the roles! Pair this game with our other Halloween Party Ideas for an unforgettable Halloween.
  • "Death Bemoans Her": This murder mystery game is "acted" out by women though men can participate in solving the mystery. This unique plot allows you to add additional character roles to the ten original roles. What a clever feature!
  • "Hulas and Homicide" is a really fun "whodunit" that adds a truly unique twist to your backyard luau. Pair this mystery with the party ideas found on the Hawaiian luau party ideas page and you'll have an instant hit!

Mysteries for Kids

Mysteries aren't just for adults. There are fun themes that kids will enjoy such as, "The Shocking Case of Mystery Manor" (perfect for a girl's slumber party) or the Christmas mystery "The Case of the Disappearing Presents" These incredible themes make party decor, mystery dinner menu choices, and even costume ideas a breeze. Everything for your night of fun it wrapped up in one easy printable package.

Murder mystery scripts are very affordable. Best of all, they remove the mystery of how to host the perfect murder themed party.

For the cost of a nice bottle of wine (around 25 to 40 dollars depending on the mystery script), you'll have a entire of night of entertainment.

Just add some fun loving friends and you'll have a party guests are dying to do again!

Mystery dinner parties are made easy with the internet. You can download, print and play it in the same day for one of the most fun themed parties you've ever hosted.

Host a Kids Mystery Party
Kids Mystery Party Kits for pre-teens and teens

Fun Holiday and Winter Time Mysteries

Host a Kids Christmas Mystery Party

Winery Murder Mystery Party Kit

Christmas Murder Mystery Party Kit

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit

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