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Mystery Party Ideas!

Mystery party ideas depend on the type of mystery game you purchase online. A good mystery game will have a built-in theme. This makes planning and playing a mystery game at your next themed party so easy!

“Death in Them There Hills” Western Themed Mystery Game

You’re watching a movie. The oblivious blond actress is walking toward the front door to let her best friend inside. “Don’t do it!” you plead towards the movie screen. You’ve followed the clues, solved the mystery, and you’re sure the guy at the door is the murderer! Now, what if that blond actress or the nefarious mystery guy at the door was you?!

You can bring the excitement of mystery into your own home, office, birthday, retirement, bachelorette party, or theatre club by hosting a mystery game party. There are mystery games for every party style.

Mystery Party IdeasThe mystery party theme is like no other. The mystery party ideas you'll look into will depend on the type of mystery game you purchase online. The games we recommend are printable. Printable mystery games allow you to download instantly and start your party planning right away. We also love the downloadable mystery games listed below because they are so detailed.

They include everything you need: a plot, backgrounds for each player, coroners reports, newspaper clippings, encoded messages, exchangeable written clues, and other investigative material. A good mystery game will have a built-in theme. This makes planning and playing a mystery game at your next themed party easy and fun!

Pull the entire mystery theme party together by decorating and planning a menu around the theme of the game you purchased. How? Read on...

Unique Murder Mystery Games

Mystery GamesJack Pachuta talks about how he began
writing Mystery Games.

Our favorite mystery game provider has a game titled "Mystery GamesHulas and Homicide".(This is just one of dozens of themed mystery games he provides). Let's say you decide the “Hulas and Homicide” party is perfect for your Luau themed summer party. You can make your party even more inspired by creating an island themed menu with "killer coconut shrimp" or "marooned macaroons" — you get the picture.

To coordinate the food you serve with your mystery game event, see some great menu suggestions on our mystery dinner page.

You could go with grass shirting, a pineapple centerpiece for your table, and serve Jamaican Punch.

Everyone can get in on the action, by dressing the part if you wish. No matter what the theme, guest participation is a fun way to bring life (or death) to a murder mystery party!

Most really good mystery games you'll find online have several creative themes: "Death is a Cabernet", a wine themed mystery, is perfect to combine with a wine tasting and fondue party theme. "I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus", a Christmas themed mystery that will make your holiday party like no other on the block!

Mystery party ideas for decorations and food easily spring to mind with such clever themes.

Decorating for a Classic Murder Mystery Theme Party

If you decide to go with a more classic murder mystery game, then decorate your home with classic reminders of the game: CLUE, Holmes, or typical crime scene items.

  • Wrap the front door with bright yellow "crime scene" tape.
  • Draw a chalk outline of a body on the front stoop.
  • Label your rooms "the library" or "the parlor". Hang the labels from the door knobs.
  • Decorate with fake versions of all the classic murder weapons. "Candlestick in the Library" can be written on a decorative tag and tied around the candlesticks on your buffet table. Next to it, you could place a magnifying glass and a toy gun.
  • Label your food with mystery themed names: "skewered steaks", "chocolate to die for", "killer crab dip", etc.

More Mystery Game Ideas

Enjoy more mystery party ideas for a hauntingly hysterical evening of fun!

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