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Get in the Christmas Spirit! Watch our very own creations, Naughty, Nice and the White Elephant in Action. Get regular free printables when you join Party-zine! We're the original home of the Naughty and Nice Christmas Game. Get it Now!

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New Years Eve Party Games

New Years Resolution? Gather New Years Eve party games that rock!

Printable Party Games

Red Envelope Game

Top Five New Years Games all on one page!

Our top 5 New Years Eve games can all be found on one page. Play the nametag game, create a Wishing Wall, play gift exchange games like the Left-Right New Years Game or the White Elephant Gift Exchange, to get rid of those funny yet strange Christmas gifts you've received, and more! Bonus: The New Years games page contains some printable party games you can print and play tonight!
Mystery Games

Mystery Games

Some people celebrate the stroke of mid-night with a kiss, others with a murder mystery! Mystery games are a truly unique and fun way to ring in the New Year. What's even better is how many of these mystery games can be printed and played the same evening. There's no time like this holiday season to ring in the New Year with a bang.
Regift New Years Game

Cocktail Party Games

Play Gender Bender, Mums the Word, Social Bingo, and other popular cocktail party favorites. You'll find them all on the cocktail party games page. And what better time of year to host a cocktail party than New Years?! We've got some fun surprises for you on the cocktail party ideas page.
Ice Breaker Games

Ice Breaker Games

The weather may be chilly outside, but ice breaker games not only break the ice, the warm up the room! Discover great games for mingling like our funny conversation starters, social bingo, Jingle Mingle, and much more!
Regift New Years Game

Red Envelope Game

What's in your future for the New Year? The Red Envolope game will help reveal New Years fortunes, resolutions, and if you're really lucky, a little more!
Regift New Years Game

Resolution New Years Icebreaker Game

What's in your future for the New Year? The Red Envolope game help reveal New Year's fortunes, resolutions, and if you're really lucky, a little more!

New Years Resolution Icebreaker Game

If your New Year's resolution is to meet more friends, The New Years Resolution Icebreaker Game should be on your list of New Years Eve party games!

When guests arrive to the party have them write down a New Years resolution twice. One slip of paper is placed in a bowl. The other your guest will keep. Guests do not write their names by their resolution. Once everyone has arrived, have each guest draw a New Years resolution from the the bowl.

The object of the game is to find the person who made the resolution. Guests mingle with each other and naturally discuss their own New Years resolutions. The first person to identify the writer of the resolution they drew wins!

Love New Year's resolutions? Display a Resolution Wall at your party. It's a great icebreaker game and fun activity.

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