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Oscar Academy Awards Party

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Oscar Academy Awards Party is a creative party theme idea shared by Michelle of Hot Springs, AR

This Hollywood theme party is great for a large crowd.... Send out invitations with a movie or film theme, (make fake movie tickets, etc), decorate your party area with lots of photos of famous movie and film stars...(blow up magazine photos and tape them over your normal family photos, create homemade movie-style posters, etc).

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Celebrity & Movie Items
Serve movie-type snacks such as popcorn, boxes of candy and candy bars, nachos, etc. Have your DVD player set to play a selection of old or recent movies all night...but leave the volume low enough so your guests can talk comfortably.

At some point during the night, give out fun "awards" for various things...."Best Dressed", "Best Dramatic Actress", "Best Dramatic Actor", "Best Comedy Actress", "Best Comedy Actor", etc.

For the most fun, try to make up a category that fits each of your guests so nobody feels left out. The "awards" can be a simple card with their name on it....or could be a cute party favor like personalized candy bars with their name in "lights" on the wrapper.

You could also have a final prize of some sort where you draw a name to win something nice like local movie theater tickets or a gift certificate to a video store, etc.

We have done this a few times, and it is always a big hit with our friends. To make it even more authentic, you could schedule your party on the same night as the Oscars or Academy awards....and have everyone get together to watch the show on television. Give out prizes to the guests who guess the most winners correctly.

Have fun!

Oscar Academy Awards Party

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Editor's note: we've found trophies that can be customized for your costume contests. What a neat party favor!

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