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Party favor Ideas
that send them home with a smile!

Find party favor ideas that send your guests home with a smile! Whether you're pulling out all the stops or searching for party favors on a budget, a memento of the evening lets your guests know they're special.

A beautiful presentation makes even the smallest gift memorable. Of course, the type of party favors you seek depend on the type of party you're throwing. So please click on one of the links below for our specific themed party favor suggestions:

Printable Party Favor Ideas
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Creative Ideas for Party Favors

Let your party favors do double duty. They can serve a party decoration, either as a table centerpiece or in a host of other creative ways. For example, if lollypop flowers are your party favor, then create a lollypop tree. If you're giving seed packets, place them among potted plants.

For unique Christmas party favors, try monogrammed items, such as hand glittered Christmas ornaments with each guest's name. Place the ornaments on a tree. Guests will enjoy searching for their unique ornament.

The best party favors support your party theme. For a wine tasting theme party, corkscrews or wine charms are nice. If you're hosting a casino themed party, then personalized playing cards are a sure bet.

Create flower seed packets for a clever garden themed engagement party party favor. If you have large budget, customized champagne glasses for each guest make an elegant momento.

Perhaps you're looking for a dinner party favor, clear cellophane bags with French ribbon make chocolate treats twice as sweet.

These are ideas that you can bank on, without breaking the bank!

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Printable Party Favors

Printable Party Favors

Let your creativity soar with printable party favors. Economical, even free, these party favor ideas are great for wedding receptions, birthdays, holidays, showers, and more.

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