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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions:

What is the Party-zine Scene?

Party-zine Free Printable Party Games and Party Ideas

The "Party-zine Scene" is simply our phrase for getting "in the loop". By joining our newsletter, you'll get the latest updates on contests, coupons for discount party supplies, updates on our newest party ideas and the latest free and low-cost printable party games. So

We also publish fantastic ideas and links to printables on our Facebook page. So please be sure you like us on Facebook as well!

Visit our free printables page to see what printables our Party-zine fans have gotten (yes, for free).

How Do I Get the Printables?

Simply like us on Facebook here. After you like us, you'll be taken to another screen that shows a link to our free download page.

What if I don't have a Facebook Account?

We understand that not everyone has a Facebook account. Please simply write us an e-mail requesting a link to our downloads page, and we'll send it to you. Please include "free printables" in the subject line for quicker reponse.

What Free Party Printables do I Get?

Some examples of the free printables our visitors have gotten are on our free printables page. Our free weekly printables are for party decorations, party games or printable gifts. If we're in the season of a special holiday, like Christmas, Easter or Halloween, our printable will generally correspond.

We also have a number of free books provided by partner website owners. Our creative friends at, Dave Johnson, Persona Gift Pails and children's book author, David LaRochelle have generously provided free Valentines Day, Halloween and Kids Party printables available all the time for our visitors' use. All printables are protected under copyright and are for personal use only. Redistribution or reposting is prohibited.

Are the same printables available all the time?

Our Themed-Party-Ideas free printable is only available for around a week. If you want it snatch it up right away! Wait for your next edition of our newsletter and click again on the link you see for the next printable.

We love creating printable party favors, printable party games (my personal favorite), printable gift tags and the like. Some games and other items take weeks or even months to develop and produce (these are the things not available anywhere else). Often, we test these items by giving them away for free for a short period.

To help recoup the cost of producing them, we eventually sell them. We keep our prices very low. Our goal is to create quality, cost effective products. Following the Party-zine Scene means you sometimes get items for free that are produced for sale. Lucky you!

Why do you give away all this free stuff?

Giving away free stuff is a way for businesses (including ours) to encourage a loyal following. Why is this important? The more people like a site, the more they visit and tell their friends. Advertisers have access to these statistics and they purchase advertising based on this.

Advertising is one of the ways we pay employees (and it takes a lot of (wo)man hours to produce printables and run a website).

Giving away free stuff is one of the best parts of our job (we love it!). Help us continue to produce free stuff by visiting often!

Can I republish or distribute these printables?

No. The printables available on this site were developed by Themed-Party-Ideas staff. They are protected by copyright. Although they are offered to you for free, they do cost money to produce and serve the website as a way to encourage a loyal following. Redistribution and or republication is illegal.

If you'd like your friends to have these printables, encourage them to like us on Facebook so they can see the link to our downloads page. You'll keep us in business and keep us producing new free printables all the time!

Don't I have to enter a passcode to get in?

Those of you who've been following us a while know that we required a passcode for our visitors to get our printables. This is no longer necessary.

A link to our private page is just a couple of clicks away. Either like us on Facebook to get the code immediately ...

... or, if you do not have a Facebook page, request we send it to you via e-mail.

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Do I have to enter my e-mail to get these printables?

No you do not. You can simply like us on Facebook. We would like for you to sign up for our newsletter, but it's not required.

But bear this in mind: we're providing you with a free service that we hope makes your party a blast! You can very simply return the favor in a small and no-cost way: sign up for our newsletter or like us. These help build our stats and credibility with advertisers (and this is how we actually make our money).

Our advertisers add valuable information to the site and help us to stay in business. Advertisers want to see that our website is popular. When people subscribe to our newsletter or "like us", we're able to tell advertisers how many people enjoy what has to offer in hopes that they will support our site.

You may have entered your e-mail address to sign up with our newsletter in the past. We NEVER share or sell e-mails (or any personal information) with anyone. Your e-mail address is solely for communication with Themed-Party-Ideas.

Is my e-mail secure?

Absolutely. E-mails are currently collected by a third-party, Goggle's Feedburner. Previously we've collected e-mails for our newsletter. Of those we've collected, or those we will collect in the future, note that we NEVER sell or share e-mails or information with anyone. It's solely for sending correspondence from We keep our e-mail communication to a minimum. We don't want junk in our e-mail and we know you don't either!

I love the information and games I've gotten on your site. How can I support what you do?

First off, thanks! You can support us in many ways, from small favors like liking our Facebook page, or bigger ones, like taking your next party games purchase to one of our affiliates and sister sites below. Shop them by clicking on any of the links below:

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