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Printable Halloween Decorations

Our printable Halloween decorations include bats, ravens, spiders, and pumpkins for Halloween garlands, stencils or gift tags. See Halloween Printables for even more great ideas on how to use printable decorations and printable party games, cupcake wrappers and scavenger hunts!

Christmas Party Games

Printable Halloween Decorations

Creating Glowing Lanterns

If you're looking for a simple, inexpensive Halloween favorites, create glowing lanterns. This is easy. Print out our Halloween Garland images and cut out the ones you like. Take a small white paper bag, and fill it 1/4 full with sand. Place a tealite candle in the bottom and line your walkway with the bags.

Decorate a lampshade. Print the image off on a regular piece of copy paper and cut it out. Tape the Halloween cutout to the inside of a lampshade. When the lamp is illuminated it will create a ghostly shadow.

Hanging Bats Stencils

Printable Halloween Stencils Download our bats now by getting our Halloween Printables E-book.

Our bats are multiuse. You can use these as printable Halloween decorations: float them from the ceiling. Or use them as stencils for food projects like these very cool bat chips with dip.

Printable Halloween Decorations BatsBats are black, so printing on black paper would be impossible. If you must have black, print out our the bat outlines on white paper and use them for a template.

Cut out the stencil and lay it on black construction paper. Next, use a pencil to draw the outline. The grey pencil mark will show up on black construction paper.

Tape a piece of string on the backside of one of the cutouts. Then fasten the other cutout to the first one back to back. You can use a glue stick or tape. Hang them from the ceiling.

If you love Halloween printables then you'll want to check out our Printable Halloween Games and Halloween Certificates for your Halloween costume contest!

Halloween Printables

Get all the Halloween printables you could want in one place!

Halloween Printables and Games E-book

Halloween Printables and Games

More than 70-Page Halloween Printable Games E-book



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