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Printable Party Favors and Printable Decorations

Printable Party Favors

Printable Flowers With Lollipop Stems

These printable flowers can do dual duty by serving first as part of a centerpiece and then as a party favor.

To create them select a light colored card stock such as pink, lavender, or yellow. Print the flowers and cut them out. There are two versions of the printable flowers: small and large. Print both if you'd like your bouquet to have more variety.

Printable Party Favor FlowersWith an exacto knife (or scissors) make a slit in the center of the flower as indicated by the "X" mark.

Place the stem of the lollipop through the flower for individual party favors. For an entire bouquet, you'll need longer stems, so once you've put the lollipop through the flower, place the stem of the lollipop in a straw. Arrange the flowers in a vase and add a coordinating decorative bow.

Printable FlowersIndividual flowers can be used as place cards. Simply write the name of the guest on the flower. And, they can also be used as a way to dress up a gift. Just slip the stem of the lollipop into the bow and presto, instant frill!

Our printable friendship flowers are just one of the goodies you'll get with our Valentine Printables E-book.

This e-book comes with:

  • 6 Sheets of Printable Hearts
  • Large and Small Friendship Flowers (They read, "Friendship Warms the Heart")
  • 2 Sheets of Valentines Day Cards (one in Full Color and one 1 Black and White for Coloring)
  • 6 Full-Page Coloring Pages Matching the Cards

Valentine Printable E-Book

Valentine Printable E-Book



Creative Uses for Printable Gift Tags

Printable Gift Tags Party FavorPrintable Gift Tags Printable gift tags can be used not only on gifts and party favors but in a variety of creative ways. Use them to pull your party theme together. You just have to think outside of the gift wrapped box.

They are great as wine bottle labels, place cards, decorative additions to Christmas stockings, placed in a bouquet of flowers, and in many other creative ways. You can even dress up your table setting by taking a decorative tag, punching a hole in it and slipping ribbon through it to secure a dinner napkin in lieu of a napkin ring. The uses are almost endless.

Of course, gift tags are used to label gifts too! One really hot trend is to layer gift tags within the bow to enhance the wrapping.

To do this, select one gift tag that is purely decorative with no writing on it and a second gift tag to indicate the person who is receiving and giving the gift.

For the decorative printable gift tags shown in this photo, print the tags on white or off-white card stock. Select two coordinating gift tags.

You can use a variety of decorative edged scissors to cut out the gift tags if you like. Use a hole-punch and with ribbon or wire, secure the gift tags into the bow.

These adorable "brown bird" tags come as part of our printable gift tags set.

Valentine Printable E-Book

Printable Gift Tags

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Bachelorette VIP Badges

VIP BadgeFree printable VIP buttons are a great addition to your bachelorette party or engagement party and they're also a fun for birthday parties!

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Begin by printing our free bachelorette party buttons. Just click the "download" button above, sign up, confirm and return to this page. Click download again and you'll instantly be able to download this and any games on our site (from here to eternity). Notes: you must do all steps on the same device (preferably a computer you can print from).

Party Favor IdeasPrint the buttons on white card stock for the best result.

In addition to the printout, you'll also need scissors, a hot glue gun, tape, safety pins or nametag pins, and an exacto knife.

Follow the easy steps listed below and refer to the photos to make these clever printable party favors!

  1. Cut the button pieces from the printout. Each button requires three parts: a circle, a rectangular piece, and a heart shape.

  2. Party Favor Ideas Take an exacto knife and gently score the lines on the rectangular cutout so that it folds easily into an accordion shape as seen in photos B and C.

  3. Next, hot glue the accordion into a circle form where it says "fasten here".

  4. Flatten the accordion into a circular fan shape.

  5. Party Favor IdeasPut a large dab of hot glue on the circle form that was cut from the printout and fasten the accordion fan into the center of it. Refer to photos F, G, and H.

  6. Place hot glue on the backside of the heart shape and fasten it to the top of the button.

  7. Turn the button over and tape a safety pin or hot glue a name badge pin (available from craft stores) to the backside.

  8. Party Favor Ideas
  9. Enjoy your party favors at your next party and visit again soon for more free printables!

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