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Purse Parties - the Perfect Accessory!

Purse Parties

Purse Parties are the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe, without spending a dime!

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How to Host a Purse Party

The great thing about purse and accessory exchange parties is that the entertainment is built into the party!

To make your party even more fun, play a game that's a perfect match for purse exchange parties. "What's in your Purse?" is a hilarious game that reveals just enough about each lady to get some real laughs!

purse party chocolate purse favors To host a purse party, each guest selects at least one handbag from her closet (accessories can be selected too if you wish). Each guest can bring as many items as she likes. The guest must be able to part with the items she brings to the party, but she will be taking home a new sparkly token to hold her treasures and adorn her wardrobe.

The purses and accessories are exchanged either by playing purse exchange games, by simply selecting a different purse, or by "purchasing" the purse.

To host parties where handbags are "purchased", the host can provide decorative price tags to make the items look very appealing. A price tag is placed on each item.

To make things simple, all hand bags and accessories receive a $5 price tag and $10 is reserved for designer purses. You can vary this if you prefer.

The host gives each guest the appropriate amount of play money for the number of items she donates to the party. The guest can use the play money to "purchase" the hand bags or accessories she wishes.

Designer type gift bags to hold the "new" purchases are a special touch. Placing a little decorative tissue paper in the gift bag is an extra frill that gives this party the boutique feel. If nicely displayed, the gift bags can serve as decor for your party.

The Purse Party Game

If you're considering purse party ideas for a girl's night in party, hen or bachelorette party, or a bridal shower, the "What's in your Purse" game might be just the ticket.

Spoiler Alert! You can't tell anyone that you're going to have this game at the party. Keep it hush-hush, or it won't be as much fun. You don't want anyone cheating.

That's because you want to know what your guests really tote around on a daily basis. How prepared are they for the unexpected? Or do they keep a neat and organized purse. Neat-freaks will likely lose ... and that's what makes it so much fun!

If you're unfamiliar with the purse party game, click the information button below the image below to learn more.

The Purse Game

Play the purse game to reveal it all: Who’s a neat freak? Who’s carrying around a little too much baggage?! Get to know your friends like never before. How? Trifle through their purses!

The What’s in your Purse game is the perfect light-hearted game for bachelorette parties, your bachelorette planning party, or any ladies' night.

What's in Your Purse GameThe object of the game is win points for typical and not so typical items that you may have in your purse. And be careful not to spoil the fun! Don’t tell anyone that you’ll be playing the this game. It’s much more fun if it’s a surprise.

How to Play the Purse Game

Print out the purse party game. The game includes a list of items that might be in a purse. Each item has a different point value depending on how unusual (or how revealing) the item might be. This is the one time that neatness doesn’t pay off. The more items you have, the more points you’ll rack up.

You can play the game a number of ways. To play as individuals, the host can call off the items one at a time. And all the ladies will look through their purses and try to produce the listed item as a group. Each person will get a sheet in this instance, and they'll circle the items that they've produced.

Or if you have a largish group, you can split up in teams. Each team will work together to produce the items and score them.

A fare amount of heckling may occur for those who can’t produce the item, and if you’re playing this game as a "drinking party game", not producing an item might end up with the consequence of taking a sip of wine, etc. However, producing the item may have consequences too ... like the regret of carrying around a year-old coffee shop receipt!

After all the items have been listed, all the ladies add up their points. The person or team with the most points wins the purse party game!

It’s really fun to provide a gift for the winner(s) and the losers. For the winner, provide some purse related item such as a keychain, organizer, silk makeup roll, wallet, or something of the like.

The loser’s gift can be quite funny. Gather some unusual items from the what’s-in-your-purse list (and possibly some of your own) and place them in a paper bag. The loser must stuff her purse with the items!

You can always produce your own What's in Your Purse Game. But the purse game we produce is unique and at a price you can hardly beat!

What's in Your Purse Game

What's in Your Purse Game

Suitable for Hen Night, Bachelorette or Bridal Shower



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Designer Purse Party

To host a designer purse party, have each guest selects a handbag she can part with...I know it's hard, but just think about the new designer handbag you'll be taking home with you!

Guests nicely wrap their purse in a gift box, so that the contents are a surprise. The host provides attractive gift tags for each box.

Have the person who brought the box write one or two words on the tag that hints as to what type of designer purse is in the bag.

For example, guests might write hints such as: black, evening, football (coach), Sex and the City, or whatever else might give a clue as to what is inside.

Place the boxes on a table as guests arrive. Write out numbers on small sheets of paper. Place the numbers and place the numbers in a bowl. Have each guest draw a number. The lucky recipient of the number 1, chooses first.

She may look at all the tags to help her decide which purse to choose. She selects the purse, but doesn't open it yet.

Then the guest holding number 2 gets her turn, then number 3, and so on. The final person to select a purse gets the option of selecting the purse on the table or trading with someone else. All of the boxes are opened at once, making it a real surprise!

For the designer purse party, why not make the girls feel like they really going home with something special? Create gift bags for each girl to take her new purse home. Place attractive tissue paper in the bags and use the bags as decoration for the party.


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