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Little-Known, Bizarre and Random Holidays

Love to celebrate!?  Are you always looking for reasons to plan celebrations for family and friends?  Then you’ll  be excited to hear about these little-known, bizarre or random holidays.

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bizarre holidaysMy name’s Cheryl. I run a mom & baby group in my local city and write about mom & baby activity ideas, moms night out event ideas and family fun activities in my Moms & Munchkins blog.  These little-known, random holidays provide me with even more reasons to plan fun activities for family and friends. 

Here I will share with you some of my favourite bizarre holidays throughout the year along with some fun celebration ideas. 

JANUARY Random Holidays

National Buffet Day (January 2nd):  I know what you’re thinking, “You’re telling me that after all of that holiday eating, I’m invited to indulge in another holiday?”  That’s right!  Don’t put away those stretchy sweatpants just yet!  You can celebrate this holiday with your family and friends by making one last big table full of your favourite foods. 

Pop Music Chart Day (January 4th):  On January 4, 1936, Billboard magazine published its first music hit parade.  Why not celebrate this day with some karaoke, dancing, air bands, or other music-themed activity?  On a side note, dancing would be a great way to burn off some of those extra National Buffet Day calories!

Trivia Day (January 4th):  Do your two left feet get in the way of those fancy dance moves?  No problem!  Try celebrating Trivia Day instead.  If your mind is full of interesting (or even useless) pieces of trivia then today is your day to shine!  This is a great day to have a family game night!

Popcorn Day (January 19th):  What’s your favourite popcorn topping?  Butter?  Flavoured popcorn salt?  Chocolate coated candy?  Perhaps you prefer caramel or marshmallow popcorn balls (my favourite – mix in a few jujube candies – yum!)  Try popping up some popcorn and enjoying a family movie night. 

FEBRUARY Random Holidays and a few Bizarre Ones Too!

Give Kids a Smile DayGive Kids a Smile Day (first Friday in February):  We all love to see our children smile.  It’s a guaranteed way to brighten any day!  Try planning some fun events for your kids today.  Perhaps some outdoor winter sports, a movie night or a game night at home.  There are plenty of options for planning a fun day for your kids.

Dump Your Significant Jerk Week (always the week before Valentine’s Day):  We’ve all been there – hanging on to the wrong relationship for longer than we should.  Don’t spend one more Valentine’s Day in an unhappy relationship – dump that significant jerk!  Have you recently ended a relationship?  Have some of your friends?  This is a great reason to celebrate with some drinks and some laughs and a reminder of how happy you can be while you’re single and surrounded by great friends. 

Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbours Day (February 7th):  Have you lived in your home for years but still can’t name any of your neighbours?  Try planning a neighbourhood party as a fun way to formally introduce yourself.  You could make super simple yet cute handprint invitations letting them know about this holiday and inviting them over for a fun dinner party or a meet and greet with appetizers.

Satisfied Staying Single Day (February 11th):  You can plan a fun ladies’ night in with some spa treatments, food, a little wine and some great company!

National Margarita Day (February 22nd):  You can grab a bottle of tequila, a bartender’s recipe book (special margarita edition) and start celebrating!

MARCH Little-Known, Random Holidays

Barbie Day (March 9th):  Barbie made her first appearance on March 9th, 1959 (I hope I look that great when I’m her age!).  This would be a great day to plan a pink party to celebrate the Barbie beauty in each of us! 

As Young As You Feel Day (March 22nd):  Try to gather up your friends and play party games that you used to play as a kid, eat candy that was popular when you were young, listen to music from your teenage years and reminisce about old memories. 

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26th):  Is there a certain activity you love?  A certain food you can’t live without?  Have your own little party to celebrate something important (and silly) to you!

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day (March 27th):  A few fun ideas for celebrating this special day include a Name That Tune Country Music Edition or a quirky country music song trivia game.  Be sure to tell your party guests to dress in their best western gear!

Radom Holidays for APRIL

National Beer DayNational Beer Day (April 7th):  Did you know that the sale of beer in the US became legal on April 7th, 1933?  Can’t wait until April 7th to start the celebration?  Don’t worry, there’s still New Beer’s Eve on April 6th. 

National Pet Day (April 11th):  We can’t forget about our furry 4-legged friends on April 11th.  Kids would have fun planning a special day just for their pets. 

Babe Ruth Day (April 27th):  Celebrate one of the greatest baseball players of all time with a baseball game in the park.  You could even barbeque hot dogs – a favourite game day snack!

MAY Little-Known, Random Holidays

National Paranormal Day (May 3rd):  Gather up your buddies for a paranormal movie marathon!

Star Wars Day (May 4th):  Try a Star Wars costume themed movie marathon.  You could even throw in a bit of trivia to award the ultimate fan.

National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15th):  A potluck dessert night with a chocolate chip theme could be a fun way to celebrate this day.

National Pizza Party Day (May 15th):  Try making a big batch of pizza dough (or pitas work great as well) and stock up on pizza toppings and have a Create Your Own Pizza night. 

Nerd Pride Day (May 25th):  Whether or not you want to admit it, we all have a bit of nerd in us.  Celebrate your nerdy side with a costumed party and trivia games. 

Random Holidays to Celebrate for JUNE

Drive-In Movie Day (June 6th):  This holiday celebrates the anniversary of the first drive-in movie theatre opening.  If you don’t have a drive-in movie theatre in your city, set up your own mini drive-in theatre in your home with lots of pillows on the floor and a concession stand. 

Corn on the Cob Day (June 11th):  This sounds like a great reason to have a barbeque!

Flag Day (June 14th): This is a US holiday commemorating the United States flag's adoption. On the same day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

Nature Photography Day (June 15th):  Celebrate this day with a little outdoor adventure and don’t forget your camera!

JULY Radom Holidays

Chocolate DayChocolate Day (July 7th):  Not that we need a day to remind us of the greatness of chocolate, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra reason to indulge in chocolate.  A chocolate fondue party would be a fun way to celebrate this day. 

National Hot Dog Day (3rd Saturday in July):  A great reason to plan a summer barbeque!  Try setting out a buffet of hot dog toppings such as mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, chili, cheese sauce, etc. 

Lasagne Day (July 29th):  Host a potluck supper party with a lasagne cook off contest.  It’s a great way to try the many variations of this popular dish.

S’Mores Day (August 10th):  Invite your friends over for a late night barbeque of s’mores. 

National Relaxation Day (August 15th):  What are your favourite relaxation activities?  A trip to the spa?  Lounging in the yard?  Going for a walk in nature?  Gather your friends for a day full of relaxing activities.

SEPTEMBER Lesser-Known Holidays

National Grandparents Day (first Sunday after Labour Day):  What a great reason to surprise your grandparents (or your child’s grandparents) with a special day all about them!

Wife Appreciation DayVideo Games Day (September 12th):  Invite your friends over for a video game challenge or have a video game challenge with your kids (although be prepared to be embarrassed when you lose to someone who is a fraction of your age). 

Wife Appreciation Day (third Sunday):  Circle this date on the calendar for your significant other.  Planning a romantic dinner for your wife would be a thoughtful gesture on this special day. 

National One-Hit Wonder Day (September 25th):  Throw a music-themed party complete with a costume contest, karaoke and a name that tune game for one-hit wonders. 

Little-Known Holidays for OCTOBER

World Vegetarian Day (October 1st):  Host a potluck of only vegetarian foods and learn some new and healthy recipes for your family. 

World Card Making Day (first Saturday):  Celebrate with your friends or children by making cards for upcoming holidays.  You could even get a head start on your Christmas cards. 

National Grouch Day (October 15th):  Have a grouch in your life?  Then this day is just for them!  Let the grouches in your life be as grouchy as they want today – it’s their special day!  You could celebrate with grouch cupcakes or cake pops.  Just try not to be too cheerful about it!

men make dinner dayBizarre and Random Holidays for NOVEMBER

National Men Make Dinner Day (during the first week of November):  Have a few of your friends over and let the men take over the kitchen while the women relax.  You could even let the men choose the menu.  My husband’s specialty - hot dogs with macaroni and cheese.

Sesame Street Day (November 10th):  A great day to plan Sesame Street activities and snacks for your children. 

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (November 24th):  A fun way to gather friends for a few laughs while showcasing our special talents.  Don’t forget to hand out awards as unique as the talents!

Lesser-Known Holidays for DECEMBER

National Cookie Day (December 4th):  Host a cookie baking exchange with your friends and stock up on goodies before the holidays. 

National Dice Day (December 4th):  Host a game night but every game you play must use dice.

I hope you are inspired to plan some celebrations of your own.  Have a fun day!

Random HolidaysCheryl is a married mother of one sweet little boy.  She’s a certified Project Management Professional with a passion for event planning.  She has created a blog called Moms & Munchkins where she provides activity ideas for mom & baby groups, family fun and moms night out events. 

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