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Home » Holidays » Halloween » Halloween Party Themes » Reality Stars Costume Party

Reality Stars Costume Party

The Reality Stars Costume Party is a Hollywood theme party with a hilarious twist.

Christmas Party Games

Meg of Charlotteville, VA shares how the "Reality Stars" Halloween costume party works.

Everyone comes as their favorite reality star, or pseudo-star. Paris Hilton (or her dog), one of the Kardashians, cast of Jersey Shore, anyone from Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, Joe Millionaire, Kate Plus Eight, Hugh Hefner and the Playmates, celebrity chefs, and so on.

You'll want to have a red carpet leading to the party entrance, but this can be made of burlap or some other cheap material befitting reality stars.

Reality Stars Costume Party

Serve lots of expensive sparkling water (or tap water) and cosmopolitans, martinis, etc. You can serve champagne, but only if it's a $1000 bottle of Krystal. I would just put a fake label on bottle of 3 Buck Chuck and pocket the other $997 ... no one will know the difference.

I suggest tying price tags to the stems of your martini and wine glasses. Reality stars love expensive things, so you could put price tags on everything! But nothing should be on sale.

Have awards for the Best Fake Crying, Best VD Scare, Best Back Stabber ... get creative.

Guests could do their impressions of each other, like charades. Playmate Kendra does an impression of Survivor host, Jeff Probst!

You could also have a fashion contest because reality stars always come out with their own line of clothing. Just give everyone a few rubber bands, a roll of toilet paper, and 2 minutes. (just like the "real" reality stars do!)

Please let me know if there's anything I've missed. Chow!

More Reality Star Halloween Costume Party Ideas

The reality star party can easily become a Halloween Themed Party.

Christopher of Centerville, Virginia writes to tell us how.

Dress up as your favorite characters from reality shows! Only in zombie form, of course! Who can go wrong as Snooki and the Situation??? Host the Real DEAD Housewives of DC. Or, how about Kim K and the fam? Maybe throw in some Hogan Knows Best or Dog the Zombie Hunter!

There are countless characters available to choose from. All would make great costumes!

Editor's Note:

This zombie party idea is hot! We've got tons of zombie ideas on our Scary Zombies Halloween Page. to make your reality star party a Reality Stars Halloween Costume Party!

Plus, you can even get a free 50 page manual on how to survive zombies on the zombie page listed above!

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