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Home » Valentines Day » Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romantic Picnic Ideas by the Dozen

Romantic Picnic ideas Looking for romantic picnic ideas to share with your sweetie? From romantic picnic food ideas to the fun and flirty ideas you'll find on this page, your romantic picnic will be your best date ever!

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Kissing Cards Game

Playing cards is a fun pass time. Add the kissing element, and you have a romantic picnic idea. Play any card game you like, such as poker or crazy eights. Instead of points or poker chips, trade kisses.

Subtract the lower scoring points from the higher points and the difference in points is the number of kisses the "losing" partner must give! But, there's no loser in this game. Also, try giving each kiss in a different spot, such as the finger, the ear, the nose, etc.

Progressive Clues Picnic

Create a flirty clue list and have your date find the things on the list. Give one clue at a time and have each clue end in a surprise.

The first clue should lead to a little gift and the final clue to a big gift.

For instance, the first clue could read, "In the poetry book, there's a gift if you look." Have a love poem written, with the second clue at the bottom of the poem. The second clue could lead to a new location, such as, "Look in the car, you won't have to go far," and that's where the picnic basket is. Continue the clues throughout the date and at the end, present a large gift. Your date will think this is one of the most romantic picnic ideas they've ever seen!

One of our contest participants wrote in this romantic scavenger hunt idea here that you could adapt to any location.

Love Puzzle

Purchase a puzzle that has about 100 pieces so that is will be fairly easy to put together. Put the puzzle together before the picnic, and turn it over to write a special love note on the back.

Take the puzzle apart, and bring it along on the picnic. Put the puzzle together on the picnic, to reveal the secret love note to your sweetheart.

Blind-Folded Food Game

Set your picnic up before hand or have a friend help. Pick up your date and gently place a blind fold over his or her eyes. Bring your loved one to the picnic site and remove the blind fold to reveal a romantic picnic.

Use the blind fold to play the food guessing game. Select treats you think your honey will enjoy. Feed the food to him or her and have them guess the foods, of course you'll want to throw in a few flavored kisses as well.

Flowers, Chocolates, and Champagne

Sure, it's simple, but effective. Everyone enjoys flowers, champagne and chocolate. Try our chocolate truffle recipe for an incredible treat.

Love Notes

Create a series of love notes and hide them among the picnic items so that they can be found during the meal. Want some great ideas for love notes, visit our 365 love notes pages.

Truth or Dare

Just for little girls? Not the way we play! Playing truth or dare is one of those romantic picnic ideas that you never outgrow.

Keep the truth questions very light in nature. You might ask, "what's the silliest thing you ever did" or "what's the best gift you ever received". The dares should be equally light hearted, "I dare you to kiss my belly button", or "I dare you to sing me a song."


Who doesn't love hearing their lover's voice. Poetry is one of the most classic romantic picnic ideas in the world! Simply pick up a poetry book at the library and select a variety of poems to read to each other: love poems, funny poems, a little of everything. Finish by reading a poem you wrote yourself.

Star Gazing

Plan a twilight picnic. Select the perfect picnic menu and place lanterns around your picnic area. One clever Idea for a candle light picnic is to place candles in jars with lids. Poke holes in the tops of the lids to let enough oxygen in for the candle to burn, but not enough that the wind will blow out the candles.

Bring along a telescope for star gazing or just do it with the naked eye. A little preparation can be fun! Bone up on a few constellations to impress your date.

Private Concert

Do you play an instrument? Serenade your sweetheart with a song. You can also simply bring a music CD that both of you will enjoy and have a private concert.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Romantic picnic food ideas are the best way to ensure a perfect picnic. After all, the way to any man's or woman's heart is through the stomach.

Beach or State Park Nature Hike

Feel like you've gone on vacation by visiting a nearby beach or state park for your picnic. Go on a nature hike, bring a camera along and have a photo safari! Enjoy these romantic picnic ideas for Valentines day, an anniversary, or any special date!

Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic dinner ideas are a great place to start when planning your holiday. Find delicious menu recommendations with recipes you can easily print out on our sister site,

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