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Scary Halloween Themes

Have a frightful night with scary Halloween themes! Build a haunted house or host a Halloween theme party. If you want creepy, crazy, and completely scary, you're in the right place!

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Scary Zombies - It's a Zombie Party

"Scary Zombies" is one of the best scary Halloween themes for decorating a haunted house or a home Halloween party. First, invite as many zombies as possible to your zombie party.

Who to Invite to a Zombie Party

If you don't know a lot of zombies, you may want to have your friends dress as zombies. We have some great ideas and the "in" on where to get the best .

You'll also want to have a few unexpected zombies on the guest list. Nothing could be scarier than zombie babies! We mean nothing! We've found where all the zombie babies are hanging out! And there are lots of them!

We're a family-friendly website, so we selected to the least creepy zombie baby to show.

Warning: click on the link with caution, this can be frightening!

They're eating disgusting stuff and doing things babies just shouldn't do! But zombie babies are a must for any zombie lover.

Scary Halloween Themes: How to Decorate for Your Zombie Party

The scariest zombies are found in graveyards and haunted houses, and you can easily lure them with the best zombie decorations. We suggest tombstones, spider webs, and coffins, skeletons, and a good variety of brains!

Zombie Survival Guide free to Party-zine Followers
Dave Johnson's Indispensible
Everything You Need to Know
Zombie Survival Guide
Free to Party-zine Followers
According to Dave Johnson's book "How to Survive Zombies", zombies often gather around disaster stricken towns. So decorate with "fresh graves", and overturned furniture to give the feeling of an abandoned area. You'll also want to spray paint "Zombie Sighting" warning signs and post them throughout the area.

Free e-book: How to Survive Zombies

You can immediately download a free copy of the 50-page e-book, "How to Survive Zombies", by following the Party-Zine Scene.

Scary Halloween Themes: What To Do at a Zombie Party

You might be wondering? What do you do a zombie party? Zombies were people before they caught the zombie virus and became the un-dead. Therefore, they enjoy the same Halloween party games that the rest of us like. You can also have a costume contest - there are great ideas on how to judge your zombie costumes and printable Halloween costume certificates on our Halloween certificates page.

Start by having a zombie dance contest - zombies love to dance. We also suggest the Adult Halloween games page for party games to entertain even the most comotase zombie!

Halloween Party Food For Zombies

Last, but certainly not least, is that scary zombies get really hungry. Start by serving a large glass of zombie virus. You can get and beer labels that are perfect for the occassion.

Of course, we all know what they like to eat - brains. So, quickly throw them a few Halloween treats to buy yourself some time.

We suggest faking the zombies out with some food shaped as brains. It's easy to make with this that comes with full instructions.

If this doesn't fool them, you could serve the bloody cheese fingers or dirty rat cupcakes found on our Halloween Party Snacks page.

Dave Johnson of "How to Survive Zombies"

Dave Johnson, author of the hilarious (and informative) book, "How to Survive Zombies", has generously made his e-book available to our Party-zine followers. Dave is the author of many fantastic books, games and videos. You can visit him at

Dexter Themed Halloween Party For Adults

The Dexter themed Halloween Party for adults is a party theme cooked up by Olivia of Wisconsin. She writes that creating a Halloween party theme from a favorite crime drama show is a great way to get party ideas. Here's are her ideas and a few of ours too!

Dexter Halloween Theme Party For Adults

These Halloween party ideas come from the show Dexter, aired on Showtime.

Dexter Themed Decorations

For the Dexter themed party decorations start with fake blood splattered wall art. Use plastic sheeting like the type you find at home improvement stores and just splatter it with red paint.

For food, use plastic Barbie doll parts as decorative toppings to cupcakes. You can also make jello shots with any flavored red jello and call them "victim sliders". Other food ideas would be to include doughnuts to represent the police force food and Cuban dishes to represent Miami style food.

Dexter Themed Halloween Party Games

The games really make this party theme. Games could include trying to figure out who is Dexter and who is the next murder victim. Guests would choose an identity card out of a hat when they arrive at the Halloween party. They'd learn if they are the next victim, if they are Dexter, or if they're just a bi-stander.

You'd have to make up one clue and one alibi for each person. Link the clues together. For example, four different cards could have the same alibi stating that the four clue holders were all together the day of the murder.

The game would be like a mixture of 20 questions and clue. The detectives try and save the intended victim while catching a murderer.

Dexter Themed Halloween Party For Adults Editor's Note: We love the idea of a murder mystery party. If you're clever, you can write your own script for this. If you need a little help, you can get a book on how to write your own murder mystery. mystery writer's course. It comes with a 60 page step-by-step guide and conference calls with a professional mystery writer to help you finalize you plot!

Mystery games are a really cool idea for a unique Halloween party! Since you may specifically want the Dexter theme, or some other crime drama theme, writing yourself might be a very exciting twist to your party plot!

John of Jacksonville, FL also shared his ideas for a Dexter True Blood party theme.

Have a themed party around favorite "Halloween" type tv shows that include shows like True Blood and Dexter. For True Blood, serve red party drinks to act as the "blood". Party goers could dress up as characters from the show.

For Dexter, have a section of the house decorated as Dexter's "kill room". Cover all walls and floor with clear plastic sheets. Have a long table set up in the middle of the room with drinks/food. You could decorate the plastic by splattering red point to look like blood.

Scary Zombie Costumes

For even more Halloween themes from scary to funny, visit the Halloween Party Ideas page.

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