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Scavenger Hunt List Ideas and Free Scavenger Hunt Lists

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas On the hunt for great scavenger hunt ideas? Look no further. Get free scavenger hunt lists for themed parties, teen and adult birthday parties, bachelorette parties and more. We even have free printable lists!

There are as many ideas for scavenger hunts are there are people, here are a few of the most unique scavenger hunts. Ideas like these are sure to create some friendly party competition!

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

  • "Freebies" Scavenger Hunt: Perfect for ladies.
  • Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Several funny ideas for a crazy ladies night out!
  • Descriptive Scavenger Hunt: A very unique idea!
  • Our free printable scavenger hunt lists available on our Printable Party Games page.
  • Traditional Scavenger Hunt: See the scavenger hunt below for great ideas.
  • Kids Scavenger Hunts: Hollywood Themed Scavenger Hunt for Tweens
  • Remember, not every scavenger hunt list needs to be about collecting items. You can also create a digital photo scavenger hunt for easy play. You can even upload your photos to a private group Facebook account with your phone while the hunt is taking place. What a way to "egg on" the competing group!

    scavenger hunt ideas Time is ticking and that’s what makes a scavenger hunt so much fun. Set a time limit for each group to meet back at a central location.

    The time should be long enough to collect several items, but not all of them! Keep it short enough to create a challenge. Make it an hour or two at the most.

Freebies Themed Scavenger Hunt

The Freebie Themed Scavenger Hunt is perfect for the ladies and would make a nice "clean" bachelorette party idea.

Start by giving each participant a small gift bag. Decorate the bag clearly displaying that it’s a scavenger hunt bag.

Go to mall, restaurants, hotels, etc. and collect as many free samples as possible! What can you collect: perfume samples, tiny bottles of shampoo, soaps, department store samples, and match books, free postcards, restaurant mints, etc. The more creative the team, the more things they’ll collect. Whoever gets the most freebies wins!

Descriptive Scavenger Hunt

For truly unique scavenger hunt list ideas, create a descriptive hunt. This hunt consists of finding items that match a certain description. This hunt would make a great photo scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt list items might include:
  • Green and Prickly
  • Pink and Fuzzy
  • Gold and Sparkly
  • Bubbly and Sticky
Each team must be creative in their choices. One team might take a photo of a cactus for the "green and prickly" description. Another might choose a pickle for that description.

Traditional Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Karen Herr of Sacramento, CA tells all when it comes to the scavenger hunt she planned for her hubby!

For my brother-in-law's birthday, my sister and I planned a scavenger hunt for the adults.

Once everybody had arrived and had some appetizers, we got the ball rolling. We broke everybody up into 5 teams (there were 15 other guests so groups of 3). Each team got a list of things to get and or do, along with $20.

Only rule was that the members of each team had to go together and take only one car per each team.

The first team back with everything on the list won the grand prize (a $25 pre-paid card). Everybody else got smaller participating gifts from the dollar store.

Scavenger Hunt List

  • 1999 penny
  • Target bag
  • Sweet-n-low packet
  • Green post-it
  • Pink crayon
  • Flat rate mailing envelope
  • A single sheet of toilet paper
  • A receipt for $1 worth of gas
  • A hotel Bible
  • A receipt for $2 at a adult novelty store
  • 1 container of easy mac
  • Picture of the team in a photo booth
  • Spiked dog collar
  • Chevy's fresh-mex hat
  • A Starbucks coffee mug
  • A picture of the team doing a human pyramid
  • Pen with company's name on it
  • 2 takeout menus of local restaurants
  • Price of a Pina Coloda at local bar along with matches from bar
  • Picture of graffiti in a public bathroom
  • Disposable seat cover
  • Hula hoop
  • Pair of toe socks
  • Luggage tag from the airport
  • Map of Narnia or MiddleEarth
Everybody had a ton of fun with it and it was fun to see what everybody came back with.

Need even more scavenger hunt list ideas? See our scavenger hunts ideas page where you can learn more about our free printable scavenger hunts and more ideas for having fun with this unique party game.

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