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Scavenger Hunts Ideas

Scavenger Hunts Ideas Want crazy Scavenger Hunts? Ideas for adult birthday party scavenger hunts can be downright silly. Oh, to be young and stupid again .... We encourage it, at least for the day! And if it's kids scavenger hunt ideas you're looking for, see our birthday party themes for kids page!

When it comes to a birthday party (or any party for adults), sometimes we just want to do something that would seem absolutely ridiculous any other day of the year. Look at every adult Halloween party and you'll see it's true. The crazier the party game, the better!

Creating your own Scavenger hunt lists is a great way carry a theme through a party. Remember, you can have a photo hunt so that the items don't have to be collected in a traditional way. With cell phone cameras, this makes an easy option!

Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

Having a Hollywood themed party? Put items on the list having to do with Hollywood:

  • A Palm Tree
  • Hollywood Street Sign
  • Movie Poster
  • A Star
  • A Movie Star
  • Any Print in a Sidewalk

You could even play paparazzi and have a photo scavenger hunt of movie star look-alikes.

Of course, you may not be able to find exactly what you're looking for ... just because you don't have palm trees where you live doesn't mean you can't put them on the list, for example. Play the game in a place with a variety of items like a mall or a down-town bar district, and get creative. You might find a palm tree on a book of matches and this will count!

Pirate Party Scavenger Hunt

It's time to hunt for treasure! What kind of scavenger hunt ideas would work for a pirate party? How about:

  • a parrot
  • a chest
  • coins from a certain year
  • pearls
  • rubies
  • a boat or ship
  • a gold tooth
  • an eye patch
  • a bandana
  • a plank get the picture!

Scavenger hunts can be played in teams or as individuals. Give your guests a printed copy of your hunt and let the party begin.

The most popular prepared scavenger hunts are for bachelorette parties. On our sister site, you'll find a couple of great hunts just for bachelorettes: our standard Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt and our very popular Man Hunt Bar Bingo.

Cupcake Party Theme Kit

Bachelorette Degrees'
Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt


Adults Scavenger Hunt

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Photo Scavenger Hunts: Ideas for Creative Scavenger Hunts!

Some scavenger hunt list items might be quite creative! Bringing an actual cactus, car, or building back to the party scene might not be in the budget!

Did you know you could have a photo scavenger hunt instead of collecting each item? This can allow you to get very creative with the items you put on the list and can also save money. Many people have cameras on their phones, which make this an extremely easy option.

Of course, we love scavenger hunts where you have to collect items as well. Everything from disposable toilet seat protectors to clip on ties is fair game.

When it comes to scavenger hunts ideas, creativity is the key to not blowing the budget.

Creating a scavenger hunt to fit your theme is always a great idea. You can also get prepared hunts by joining Partyzine (our free party printables newsletter). You'll get a new free printable every month. Scavenger hunts are just some of the printable party games we send out. Here are examples of the games our Party-zine followers have received for free in the past:

  • Love Theme Scavenger Hunt
  • Bachelorette Party Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • The Hilarious Hunt for Birthdays and Theme Parties
  • Katherine's Scavenger Hunt
  • The Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts: Ideas for the Young, Old, Playing Stupid and Being Smart!

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