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Sexy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Sexy Bachelorette Party What's the prescription for a sexy bachelorette party? A "Naughty Nurse" night on the town!

Pulses will race when the men see what you've planned for your bachelor-girl pub crawl! Create a twist on a traditional bachelorette party. There's nothing like going out on the town in fancy dress costumes.

Everyone will know you're up to something ... and what you're up to is administering a dose of flirty, heart-pumping fun into your sexy bachelorette party!

Start with sexy costumes. Heads will turn, and that's just what you want. Sexy costumes are a prescription for free drinks from admiring patients!

The naughty nurse bachelorette themed party is perfect for a bachelorette scavenger hunt. Everyone who has ever done a bachelorette scavenger hunt knows that this game breaks the ice, creates a little friendly competition among the girls, and gives the men in the bar something to smile about!

You may want some party props to pull off this bachelorette scavenger hunt. It's not for the meek. So take a deep breath, and go for it!

Sexy Bachelorette Party Props:

What you'll need:
  • A plastic party shot drink syringe is a great party prop. You can administer shots of liquor or whatever drinks you wish to your patients.
  • A stethoscope will help you listen to pumping hearts.
  • A thermometer is great for taking the rising temperature of men under your care.

Sexy Bachelorette Party Naughty Nurse Scavenger Hunt

For a really sexy bachelorette party, play a bachelorette scavenger hunt. Print one free scavenger hunt list per bachelor girl. A scavenger hunt is ideal for a bar crawl, because you'll probably need to visit a few pubs to complete the list.

The objective is for each girl to get as many items on the list as she can within the time frame of the bachelorette party. You may set a shorter time limit if you wish. The first person to complete the list wins. If no one completes the list, then the person who gathers the most points wins.

Girls may NOT use the same man to perform the same item on the list. (No double dipping)!

This scavenger hunt lists two types of activities. Some you must take a picture of. Others require you to obtain an item such as a phone number.

  1. A free shot or drink from someone in the bar (5 points)
  2. Take a man's pulse (3 points) or listen to his heart with your stethoscope (5 points)
  3. A business card from a physician, nurse, or hospital employee (6 points)
  4. A prescription for happy marriage from an older gentlemen (4 points)
  5. Administer a shot of liquor to single man (7 points) with a play syringe (12 points)
  6. A man carrying Viagra on his person who's willing to admit it! (20 points)
  7. Pub napkin with the prescription for fun, written by a good-looking man (4 points)
  8. Photo of man displaying the label of his briefs (7 points)
  9. A man to take his shirt off for a visual exam (7 points)
  10. Take a man's temperature - how you do it is up to you! (5 points)
  11. A man who can point out your phalanx bone. {any bones of the fingers or toes} (4 points)
  12. A man who knows the definition of epidermis {skin} (2 points)
  13. A condom {cannot be obtained from a fellow bachelor girl} (7 points)
  14. Bartender's or waitress' recipe for a slippery-nipple cocktail (3 points)
  15. A new patient's phone number - he must be single! (5 points)
  16. Directions to the hospital from an older gentlemen (5 points)
  17. Free postcard (4 points)
  18. Band Flyer (5 points)
  19. An advertisement for a dating or match-making service torn from a free weekly newspaper (5 points)
  20. Photo of yourself with a police officer (20 points)
A fancy dress bar hop is sexy bachelorette party idea; it's flirty, and a roaring good time.

This sexy bachelorette party theme can be easily altered to fit any sexy costumes you like.

You might go as sexy pirates and create a "pirate's booty" scavenger hunt. Or, you could have a 70s fancy dress bachelorette party complete with a "Get Your Groove On" themed scavenger hunt.

Whatever your sexy bachelorette party theme, play it up. It's the bride "last night out" - make it count!

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