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Silly Party Games for Kids of All Ages

In the mood for silly party games for kids of all ages? You're in the right place.

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Games for Kids, Teens or Adults who really love Silly Party Games

Silly Party GamesHere are a few absolutely ridiculous, yet surprisingly fun, silly party games. They're not for every party, but if you're feeling like breaking out and cutting loose, these are very entertaining games to play at parties. They are sure to get plenty of giggles out of a fun loving crowd.

Donut on a String Game

What people won't do for a delicious donut! Be sure to take photos of this game because you'll want to preserve the memory for all posterity!

Tie a very long string around a donut and fasten the other end of the string to a very sturdy ceiling hook or fixture (or you can use a tree branch if outside). The donut needs to be just above the contestant's head. The object is for the player to eat the donut using his or her teeth only (no hands). The player must jump for the donut.

The reward is the donut itself! There's really no official winner. To make the game even more challenging, instead of tying the other end of the string to the ceiling hook, take an extra long string and place it through the ceiling hook. One person pulls the exposed end of the string to raise and lower the donut. It's just simply cruel (and that's what makes it so much fun!)


Perfect for a Hawaiian luau party theme.

Start with the limbo stick high so that everyone can pass through. Then make it more challenging with every pass by lowering the limbo stick.

A Hula Hoop Contest is also another funny game that goes well with the luau theme. Inexpensive hula hoops can be purchased in dollar stores during the summer months. Give each contestant a hula hoop and turn on the party music. Players must hula hoop while doing the hula dance. The best dancer takes the prize!


For the young, agile and flexible, Twister is typical childhood game is even more fun -- and shall we say challenging? -- as an adult! This is an amusing idea for a 21st birthday party or as party of your outdoor summer games.

Helium Balloon Taboo

You'll need the Taboo board game to play this silly party game. The object of this game is to have a partner or team guess the word on your taboo card without using the word itself. Difficult enough without helium ... with helium, nearly impossible!

Balloon Burst Game

The object is to see which couple pops the balloon first. Pair your guests and provide a small inflated balloon. Have the pairs place the balloon between their stomachs.

The first to burst the balloon between their bellies wins. (For an adult party, this can be turned into a drinking game, in that the people who are last to pop the balloon must take a drink).

The Brain

Line 4 to 6 people up next to one another and have them link arms. Tell them, "You are one great big brain". Guests ask the brain questions and the brain must answer the great questions of life.

But there is a trick: Each person in the line can only speak one word, then the sentence continues with the next person in line and the next. This string of words naturally becomes a silly sentence.

Have guests at the party ask "the brain" some of the great questions of life: "Why do kittens purr?" "Why do women not have beards?" "Why do we have only two arms when we could use another set?"

And see just how many silly answers you get from these silly party games.

Pass the Fruit Party Game

Pass the Fruit Party Game was submitted by Wade of the USA in one of our party game ideas contests. This is one of the silly party games we played back in college. You get assorted fruit and line up male-female-male, etc. The object is to pass the fruit under your chin to the person behind you and continue until the fruit has past and the last person in line has it.

What's so hard about this game? Well you can't use your hands. The guys really like this. They don't have anything to hold the fruit up, whereas the ladies do. It's a quick way to liven up any party!

The I Have Never Game

Each person starts with five pennies. Going around the group, each guest takes turns stating something they have never done but that they think others have. Example: "I have never flown on an airplane."

Every person who has done that activity gives the speaker a penny. For small groups you may go around twice. The person with the most pennies at the end wins.

The Sardines Party Game

Sardines Party Game For Kids was submitted by Pat of the USA in one of our party game ideas contests.

Sardines Party Game for TeensThis party game is played at night in a house, with the lights out. You have a deck of 12 cards with one of them being an ace of spades. The person who draws the ace is the "Sardine." When explaining the rules of the game, tell everyone it's a lying game.

The person who is the "Sardine" shouldn't tell anyone (s)he's drawn the Ace; he should crawl off and hide quietly in an out-of-the-way spot: i.e. bathroom, tub, closet, back room, behind a bed ... etc. The object is to find the sardine. Everyone crawls up to another person and whispers, "Are you the sardine?" If the answer is "Yes", the person is lying and you must continue to try and find the real "sardine."

One by one everyone will find the real "sardine" and lay or stay close to him quietly!! There are not winners, only a LOSER will be all alone in the dark crawling around asking where everyone is!!! The fun is squeezing in a closet with everyone in the dark. It is hard to know who is who, and a good way to meet new folks!!!

Editor's Note: This fun version of "hide and seek" seems like it could be easily adapted to be a Halloween party game for teens or young adult Halloween parties. You could change the name from "sardine" to "witch" or "ghost" to give it a Halloween flavor.

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