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Spaghetti Western Fiesta

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Spaghetti Western Fiesta Spaghetti Western Fiesta is a creative party idea shared by Amy of Charleston, SC in one of our creative party ideas contests.

Have a Spaghetti Western fiesta based on the film tradition of those great Sergio Leone old westerns. (Two Mules for Sister Sara, The Good the Bad and the Ugly and so many more! Think goldrush/ghost town/hired guns/saloons/senioritas...

Guests were encouraged to dress up for the occasion but sombreros, cowboy hats, mustaches and cigars were provided near the door.

Finger foods: We tried for an American, Mexican Italian fusion wherever possible and a saloon twist wherever possible (mini caprese salads served in shot glasses).

Drinks: We had 3 coolers - set out Beer (domestic selections) Birra (Italian imports) and Cerveza (Mexican Imports). Frozen Margaritas in the pre-made we substituted Amaretto for the tequila for that Italian flare. And a friend dressed as a saloon girl ran the simple whiskey/sangria bar.

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Games: We had a pinata filled with candy, harmonicas, and sheriff badges. There was a squirt gun quick draw contest..winner got a belt buckle. Also, a Mexican jumping bean race with dollar store prizes. You could also play a mystery game. Jack Pachuta's "Death in Them There Hills" is his international best seller for good reason: Mystery Games

Music: The music was a mix of Ennio Morricone, Spanish versions of top 40 songs along with some tunes with a cocktail party vibe.

Decorations: candles, papercraft flowers, red check table cloths.

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