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Star Wars Birthday Party

Looking to plan a Star Wars party for your little Jedi? Then you’ll love these birthday party ideas!

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Did you know the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977? Star Wars has been a big hit with both kids and adults for generations and there are so many characters and fun plots to work into party ideas.

Your child and his or her guests will love the Jedi Training Activities and will work up quite the appetite for some Star Wars themed food and drinks. Star Wars Birthday Party

Here you’ll find information on Star Wars invitations, decorations, food, activities and loot bags. Be sure to check out the Star Wars Birthday Party Games section for special Jedi Training ideas and a special Jedi mission!

Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations

A famous line from the Star Wars movies is "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...". If you’ll be making your own invitations, you can use a slightly different version of this movie quote for your star wars party invitation wording.

For example, "{Child’s Age} years ago, in a galaxy not so far away, {Child’s Name} was welcomed into this world! You are one of the chosen ones invited to participate in special Jedi Training and birthday festivities. We hope you will accept this mission!" Inside the invitation you can include wording such as:

  • Jedi-In-Training: {Birthday Child’s Name}
  • Galactic Empire: {Birthday Party Address}
  • Training Commences: {Date & Time of Party}
  • RSVP to Jedi Council at: {Your RSVP Contact Information}
If you’d prefer premade Star Wars birthday party invitations, there are plenty to choose from in the Star Wars Party Supplies listed below.

The envelope could be addressed to "Jed-In-Training {Guest’s Name}" with a note underneath including a bit of Yoda language that says "Invited To {Child’s Name}’s Birthday, You Are!"


Star Wars Party Decorations

Star Wars takes place in a fictional galaxy far, far away. An idea for Star Wars birthday party decorations is to hang planets from the ceiling and display plenty of star and planet decals on the walls.

Create a comfortable movie room with pillows on the floor and plenty of space to play. We’ll share more details on the use for this room later in the "Star Wars Party Games" section. You can decorate Star Wars themed room with glow in the dark stars on the walls, glow in the dark planets hanging from the ceiling and glow sticks for each of the children.

Having troubles finding Star Wars party decorations that glow in the dark? No problem! Visit your local craft store for some glow in the dark paint to create your own Star Wars party decorations or visit the Star Wars Party Shop below!

Luke Skywalker wears a lot of white and brown so table decor could incorporate these two colors.

If you can locate a Darth Vader Easter basket or Halloween bucket, you can use this as a napkin or cutlery holder on the table.

Star Wars Birthday Party: Food & Drinks

Fill a punch bowl with your favorite punch recipe (a juice and pop mixture is a popular choice) and place a sign in front of the punch bowl for "Jedi Juice".

Any kid-friendly food with a funny Star Wars name would be a fun idea to serve. As an example:

  • Wookie Waffles (would be great for a late morning party or slumber party)
  • Galactic Grilled Cheese
  • Skywalker Souvlaki
  • Yoda Yam Fries

Cake & Dessert Ideas

A Star Wars shaped cake pan can help you make a perfect Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2 or other Star Wars inspired cake. Or, keep it really simple with a Star Wars birthday cake topper!

If you prefer cupcakes, try Chewbacca cupcakes by mixing chocolate icing with sweetened coconut to give it that "furry" appearance. Top with two icing eyeball decorations.

You could bake cupcakes ahead of time and prepare toppings for the children to create their own Star Wars cupcake to eat. Toppings could include "Yoda Icing" (green icing), "Wookie Fur" (chocolate icing mixed with sweetened coconut), "C-3PO" (edible gold sprinkles), "Galaxy Stars" (edible gold star sprinkles), "Darth Vader" icing (black icing) or "Robotic Droid Spare Parts" (miscellaneous candy).


Star Wars Party Games

Once all of the guests arrive to the party, it’s time to start the Star Wars Party Games, otherwise known as the official Jedi Training. For this training you’ll want to have several obstacle course types of activities for the children to participate in. Include a Yoda poster or better yet a Star Wars Yoda StandupStar Wars Birthday Party at the entrance to training with a sign that reads "To Jedi Training Welcome".

To make the Jedi Training even more difficult, explain to the children that teamwork is an important part of Jedi Training and that each trainee will be assigned a partner.

Give each child their "partner" which can be a hardboiled egg wrapped in a little brown Jedi robe (made of felt or brown cloth glued to the egg). Explain to the children that they must take their partner through all the obstacles and return them to headquarters safe at the end of training.

Plan a Star Wars Party Obstacle Course

For your Jedi training course, set up a series of obstacles and activities. Below are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • A long strip of bubble wrap that children must jump over without landing on it and popping any bubbles.
  • If you're having the party outside in warm weather, try setting up a few light sprinklers that the children have to run past without getting wet.
  • If you have any toy tunnels, these can be set up for the children to crawl through.
  • Place 2 lines of small wooden pegs in the ground (about 6 feet in length and 3 feet wide). Tie ropes between the pegs and low to the ground. The children will have to crawl under these ropes from one side to the other without touching the ropes.
  • Lay multiple hula hoops on the ground and have children get from one side of the play area to the other by only stepping in each hula hoop once.
  • With a balloon between their knees, have children run in and out of pylons from one end of the play area to the other. If a child drops his balloon, he must return to the starting line and start over.
Jedi Training wouldn’t be complete without lightsabers. You can purchase inflatable toy lightsabers or create your own using long balloons or foam noodles with duct tape and black electrical tape.

After the training is complete, you can let the children know that they have all passed their Jedi Training and they are ready for their first assignment. Plans for the Death Star have been hidden inside ( has tons of pinatas and Stars Wars Birthday Party Supplies to choose from) and must be found and destroyed. The children should then run off and try to find the piñata.

While they are running around the house and yard looking for the piñata, you can hang it in the area they just left (it will likely be the last place they’ll look since they would have just left that area and not saw it). Inside the piñata, you can hide a fake blue print for a Death Star that the children can destroy once they break the piñata and find the plans.

It may be a fun idea to have someone recording the kids during their Jedi Training so that they can watch themselves on TV later on while enjoying their food. Viewing this training video would be a good activity to do in the room you’ve set up with glow in the dark decor.

Leave the lights on during the first part of the party so that the decor can charge in the light. Once ready to show the training video, be sure to cover up the windows so the room is dark so the glow in the dark decor stands out better.

Star Wars Birthday Party Favors: Loot Bags

Some fun ideas for Star Wars birthday party treat bags for the children to take home are:

  • Glow in the dark pens, markers, and small toys
  • Star Wars Disk Launchers
  • Star Wars PEZ Dispensers
  • Star Wars Lightsabors
  • Glow sticks
  • Star Wars Stickers
  • Star Wars Wrist Bands
  • Star Wars stickers or temporary tattoos
  • Solar System Stickers and toys
Star Wars Party Shop

Have fun planning your Star Wars birthday party and...May The Force Be With You!

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