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Outdoor Summer Picnic Games

Summer picnic games are a great way to enjoy simple summer fun. Whether it's a family outing or gather, or a picnic with friends, these summer picnic games add to an already fantastic day.

Make these games part of your all of your spring picnic ideas.

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Summer Picnic GamesSummer Picnic Games for Groups

Toss games like corn hole or horse shoes are fun for every one. Go "new fad" with corn hole; even children can play. Or, go "old school" with the more economical toss game: horse shoes.

Relay Races are fun for large groups. There are several classic relay race games. Here are 3 fun relay games.

Sack Races. Each person steps into a potato sack and must jump to the finish line where they remove their bag and their team mate steps into the sack and jumps back to the starters line.

Egg in spoon race. Each person is given a spoon to hold between their lips. The egg is placed in the cupped part of the spoon. The racer must make it to the finish line first without dropping the egg, or there will be consequences!

Wheel Barrow Races. Two person teams are formed. One person is the wheel barrow and the other is the driver. The wheel barrow person must run to the finish line on his or her hands while the driver of the wheel barrow holds on the their feet. Watch out this one will get laughs!

Summer Picnic Games

Twister, the game we all remember from childhood, is a funny picnic game. Kids love it and young adults who are limber enough to play will find this a fun game as well!

Large group games such as volley ball are great for beach picnics for can be played on lawns.

Croquet is practically synonymous with summertime games. Can't you taste the key lime pie and mint julips already?

Playing cards is a layed back game that's perfect for lazy spring picnics. If you're planning a romantic picnic you'll want to find out more about our card game, "kissing cards" featured on our romantic picnic ideas page.

Have a limbo contest. Bring along a little summer inspired music and a limbo stick. Have two people hold the stick while other pass underneath. It's best to have several people playing for this picnic idea.

Frisbee and Kites. Finally, don't forget to bring along a frisbee or kite. These are inexpensive entertainment items that are perfect reminders of childhood summer days!

Picnic and Outdoor Games

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