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Superhero Party Theme

The superhero party theme works for folks of all ages who want to be Super for an evening. Superhero themes are super hot for parties. These are popular creative party theme ideas that our visitors write in about all the time.

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Heroes vs. Villains Party

Heroes vs. Villains Party is a creative party theme idea shared by Tyler of Rochester, NY.

For the Heroes Vs. Villains Party, everybody dresses up as either a famous hero or villain. This can be anything from Superman and Batman, to Harry Potter and Edward of Twilight. For villains, you could be the Joker or Freddy Kruger. Just come dressed and ready for a good time.

For party favors, for both Heroes and Villains: A poster and/or action figure of a hero of their choice.

More Super Hero Party Ideas

Brion of Charlottesville, VA also submitted his Super Hero Party Ideas.

My party idea: A party with costumes of Super Heroes.

It's best if people make their own costumes and come up with new super heros never seen before. You can learn some magic tricks to show off your power. You can also throw in some evil villains and have teams to play games.

Superhero Party Theme

Superhero Party is a creative party theme idea shared by Misha of Wisconsin.

For this party theme, you tell everyone that they must come dressed as a Superhero.

They can come as a classic character from comic books, movies, or fairy tales, or they can be a made-up character (i.e. Super Mom or Dad or Underwear Boy, etc...)

Refreshments for this can be wonder punch (punch in vivid colors). I've made incredible hulk candy bar cookies (dyed green) and other snack mixes served in kids' birthday theme bags, etc.

Once your guests have arrived you have them vote for who they think is the best, most creative, and most detailed costumes.

The winner would win a small door prize or a cape embroidered with "I'm a Winner" on it. (The sarcasm is implied - lol).

Batman Joker Mask
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Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume
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