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So, you are finally having that party you've wanted to have f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and you need to come up with some great teen party games to play outdoors?

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Teen Party GamesYou don't want to play the same old games though; you want something different that will have everyone wanting to play. Well, you have come to the right place for out of the ordinary and exciting teenage party games!

These are the best outdoor teen party games!

Teen Party Games: Ping Pong Ball Races

This outdoor party game is a blast! We just did this again and it was so much fun for both the guys and the girls!

Here's how it works...

You'll need:

  • Two ping pong balls (or more)
  • Straws - (one for each player)
  • Tape
  • A ref

You will have to make your race track. You can do this by putting tape down the center of a long table or you can do it on the floor, which creates an additional challenge for the racers.

  • Divide the players into two teams
  • Each team member gets a straw
  • Each team gets a side of the track

When the ref says "go", the first person on each team blows into their straw which is making the ping pong ball roll towards the finish line.

  • If a ball goes outside the track that player must start over.
  • If the ball falls off the table, that player must start over.

Each player on the team has a turn and whatever team finishes first wins!

  • This is like a relay race and can be done with music as well to add to the fun!

Teen Party Games: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are making a comeback! Why you ask? Because they are awesome! And a new favorite of all the party games!

Here's how it works...

Players or teams are usually assigned a list of things to find that are hidden around the house, in the backyard, in the neighborhood or in some cases....around town!

Some of the most popular hunts are:

  • Nature Hunt
  • On the Beach
  • Around the Town Hunt
  • Photo Hunt
  • Mall Hunts
  • Neighborhood Hunts
  • Girls vs. Boys Hunt
  • Amazing Race Hunt
  • Glow in the Dark Hunt
  • Holiday Hunts
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Theme Hunts
  • Alphabet Hunt

When planning a scavenger hunt, don't limit your ideas. I have planned one kind of hunt, and after ironing out details and lists, found it would work better as another kind of hunt! Remember ... it's supposed to be fun!

Teen Party Games: Flashlight Tag (To be Played at Night!)

This is a new spin on an old favorite ... who doesn't love to play tag?

Here's how it works...

You should make sure there are a lot of hiding spots. And play in teams.

The players sneak up on the other team and shine the flashlight on them to get that person out. Make sure to quickly shine the light on the person then turn it off quickly or you might be spotted. Then the other person returns to the home base. You can use bikes or skateboards to add some excitement.

Teen Party Games: Capture the Flag - Night Owl Version

Capture the flag is another fun game to play at night with any number of people greater than six. In capture the flag the goal is to find the opposing team's flag and get it to your side of the playing area without being tagged. Team members can have small flashlights to make it even more fun! Here's how it works...

You can play with any number of people, but it is best with at least ten or twelve people.

Choose flags, these just need to be two objects of similar size and shape. When you play at night it is best to have something light colored so you can see it.

When everyone has gathered on the field choose boundaries, Split the playing area in half with cones or a rope.

Make up any rules for hiding the flag such as it can't be up too high where it can't be reached. Come to the border and quickly summarize the rules. If you agree on the rules start the game, if not compromise.

Capture the other team's flag and win the game!

Maria Pease is a writer and owner of Visit her site for all the party information you need to have a rockin teen party!

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