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Home » Valentines Day » Unique Ideas for Valentines Day: 10 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Unique Ideas for Valentines Day: 10 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Unique Ideas for Valentines Day

These unique ideas for Valentines Day do more than just say "I love you". These creative Valentine ideas show your love by displaying the effort you put into your activities, gifts, and date ideas.

Here are our top 10 unique ideas for Valentines Day.

1. Treasure Hunt. If you're planning a big surprise or gift for Valentine's Day then this is the idea for you! For a truly spectacular date, start in the morning with a treasure map and a clue. Each map should lead to a different treasure for your date.

The first map could lead to breakfast, where you sweetheart will find a second map that leads to your morning activity, such as a spa.

At each place your sweetheart finds a new map and clue until at the end of the evening a map to the final treasure (or gift) is given.

This is one of those unique ideas for Valentines day that works great as a wedding proposal and equally well for a very memorable romantic day!

2. Stargazing. Romantic Valentine ideas don't have to be expensive. Do a little research or bring a book along with you to find which stars you'd like to view. Bring an easy to use and inexpensive telescope. Create a little picnic and drive out where the sky is dark enough to view the stars. Discovering the constellations together makes for an evening of magic.

3. Night on the town: Manhattan Style. This is all about the High Life. Hire a limo or driver. Dress to the nines and visit 3 or 4 of the most posh bars and restaurants that you've never visited before.

Have a drink and appetizer at the first establishment, the move to the next place for a meal, and end with deserts and champagne at yet another venue.

4. 365 love notes. Truly one of the most unique ideas for Valentines Day. This gift is a labor of love that we make a bit easier with our free downloadable template to get your started.

5. Cozy fire-side romance. If it's not too cold outside, light the outdoor chimney or fire pit. If's it's too chilly, do it inside. Roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Don't forget the romantic music and champagne.

6. Dinner in an unusual place. On a rooftop, by the water, outside in your backyard, in an art gallery, or on stage. Pull strings with the people you know to find an unusual place to have your romantic dinner. Hire someone, or have a friend act as the waiter. Make a picnic or order the food and serve on your finest china. Make menus, have flowers, and don't forget the music. Your date won't forget your unique valentine ideas!

7. Homemade Pasta Evening. If you prefer to stay in and have a romantic dinner for two, try our homemade pasta party recipes. You may get a little messy, but you'll like it!

Cooking together in the kitchen with a bottle of wine is a perfect date for two, or for a group of friends!

8. Road Trip. Live near a major city that's just a two-hour drive or less? Why not "go out of town" to experience something completely new.

Even though there may be lots of nice restaurants in your town, sometimes a trip puts a little sparkle in a date! Plan well for the road trip by having a pre-made mix of music.

Stop at landmarks along the way to break up the drive, present a romantic valentines gift, take or photo, or just enjoy the scenery.

9. Host a Valentine's Day Party. Why not join with friends to celebrate the holiday. Invite singles and couples to this party and create a memorable evening that everyone will enjoy. For Valentines party ideas, click here.

10. Late Night Champagne Tasting. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to drink champagne and with a champagne tasting party you and your friends can try several types.

You can host this party late in the evening after your guests have already had dinner. Serve these bubbling concoctions with fruit and desserts and you'll have the perfect night cape to a romantic date night.

Also, view our wine tasting party ideas page for great tips on how to host the perfect wine tasting.

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