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Valentines Day Games For Kids and Adults

We've got ideas for Valentines Day Games you can play at a home party or at school! Whether you're gathing friends for cocktails or entertaining the wee ones, love for Valentines Day is everywhere!

Printable Party Games

Valentines Day Games: Pinata Party!

Pinata parties are always fun! Fill a pinata with small party favors, toys, and lots of candy filler and you're in for a serious day of fun!

Kids can't wait to burst open a pinata and Valentines is an incredible wtime for this cheerful party game.

Valentines Day Games: Valentines Scavenger Hunt

A Valentines scavenger hunt is a great idea for kids. Create a list of items that center around the Valentine's theme.

Here's an example of items you could put on a list:

  • Something Heart Shaped
  • Something Pink
  • Red Lips
  • Something Fuzzy
  • A Puppy
  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Candy
  • A Cupid
Divide your party into two groups and give each group a list. Supervision maybe needed for each group. Provide each group with a digital camera and send them on their separate ways.

Give a specific amount of time for each group to gather photos of the items and have each group meet back at a designated spot at the end of the time frame.

The group that gathers the most items on the list wins.

For a terrific example of how this works at a mall setting, read the visitor's submission: Kids Scavenger Hunt. This visitor gives all the details of how she hosted this game for her pre-teen daughter's birthday party. Plus you'll see a terrific photo that shows how much fun this game is.

Valentine's Day Party Supplies

Valentines Day Games: Red Balloon Relay Race

The red balloon relay race can be done with any color balloon, but since red is the color for Valentines day, it's a perfect choice.

Divide your party into two equal groups for the relay race. If you do not have an equal number of guests, select one special person who will go once for each team (this person will feel they're a winner no matter which team wins!) Each group will form a line, one behind the other.

Create a start line with painter's tape, chalk (if it's outside), or whatever works best for your floor. About 15 feet from the start line, place a chair or some other small obstacle.

Blow up two balloons and provide one to each team. Also, blow up a few extra balloons in case one pops during the race.

The object is for the player to kick the balloon (no hands!) gently in order to guide it from the start line, around the obstacle and back to the start line where the next player then takes his or her turn.

This is trickier than it might seem since balloons are very light and hard to direct!

If a balloon breaks, the player must return to the start line, get a new balloon and begin his or her turn again.

The team that finishes first wins the game.

Group party games with balloons are always tons of fun! Learn the in's and out's of "balloon grab" on our Group party games page.

Valentines Day Games: Bean Bag Toss

You probably remember playing a bean bag toss game when you were a kid. There's no need to go out and buy one. A bean bag toss game is very easy to make.

Take a large shipping box, or perhaps a box you pick up at a supercenter. Tape one end. Fold the flaps of the other end inward against the sides of the box.

Draw a heart shape in the center of the box and carefully cut it out using a knife or scissors (this part should be done by an adult). Decorate the box in a Valentines theme if you wish. Or, get your kids involved and have them decorate the box.

Create bean bags for the toss by filling small plastic bags with dried beans or rice and tying securely. For more substancial bags, sew them or cut out a square piece of fabric, place beans in the center and draw up the corners, tying securely with string.

To play the game, children stand anywhere from 10 to 20 feet from the box. Then they try to toss the bean bag into the heart shaped hole.

Players receive a point for each bean bag that goes into the hole. The player to reach 10 first wins. You can keep track of points on paper, or by handing out tokens or pennies.

Valentines Day Games: Cupid Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves hidden treasure! Creating a treasure hunt, doesn't have to be complicated. While you can create maps and hide treasures according to the maps, an easier way is simply to have a treasure hunt much like an Easter egg hunt.

Of course, you can make it unique to Valentines day. Instead of hunting eggs, players hunt hearts. You can cut hearts from construction paper or purchase wrapped heart-shaped candy.

One really fun twist on the treasure hunt is to purchase a different small toy or party favor (perhaps from a dollar store) for each player. Wrap the gifts, or put them in paper bags, so no one can see what's inside.

The player who finds the most hearts chooses his or her wrapped toy first, then the person who found the next highest number chooses and so forth. Each player receives a gift, and all are equally valuable, but getting to pick first is fun!

Valentines Day Games: Heart Breakers

Which team will break the most hearts?! This is one of those Valentines day games that's a high energy relay race!

Blow up an entire bag of balloons.

Line up two chairs or any place where children can sit to burst their balloons. Next, place all the balloons in a large box about 30 feet from where the chairs are. Then create a "broken heart" for each team.

You can place these boxes where you like, but make sure that the distance between this box and where the inflated balloon box is the same for each team.

Divide the players into two teams. Each team lines up behind their chairs. Then the relay race begins!

The first player runs to grab a balloon from the box. He or she must run back to the chair and burst it by sitting on it.

After a team's player has burst a balloon, the next player takes the broken balloon, deposits it into the team's box, and runs to get his or her heart-shaped balloon. He or she brings it back to the chair and bursts it. This continues until all of the heart balloons are burst.

The team who bursts the most balloons wins the race!

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