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Valentines Party Ideas

Looking for Valentines party ideas? Giving a Valentine's Day party might not be as common as a Halloween or Christmas party, but it's really the perfect holiday for a party. After all, countless friendships, memories, and even romances have begun at parties!

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Valentines Party Ideas February is still a bit nippy for many of us, so warming up to friends with these Valentines party ideas is a welcome diversion during this winter month.

Valentines Day Party Ideas

Invite all of the friends that you would invite to any holiday party, whether they are couples or single. Don't worry about inviting more girls than guys or vice versa. Everyone will have a good time. Choose a theme, such as a fondue party, dinner party, cocktail party, wine tasting party, or Valentines themed game night. (For kids Valentines parties, visit the Valentines day games page).

Set the mood with these special Valentines party ideas that add style, romance, and easy fun.


The most romantic Valentines music includes hits by: Berry White, Luther Vandross, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, or Frank Sinatra. While you may have a mix of music from today and yesterday, these classic singers will definitely add the Valentines party theme.

Valentines Day Party Ideas One of the best FREE ways to discover party music is through Pandora. Pandora is a internet radio station that allows you to listen to a particular genre of music. You can go to their website and even type in Love Songs and the best love songs of all time will begin to play right on your computer!


Romantic lighting sets the tone for a Valentines Party. Light the fireplace or candles. Create luminaries for your front stairs, porch or side walk.

To do this use white paper lunch bags, fill 1/3 full with sand and place tea light candles in each one. Guests will immediately be welcomed by a glowing pathway!

There are lots of creative Valentine ideas to make your ambience unique. Decorate your table or chandelier with simple valentines day cut-outs, cards, or Valentines printables (available on this website). By simply adding greenery and ribbon, Valentines cards or printables can make a bold statement.

Party Favors:

For the ultimate Valentines Day party favor, photos are the best. Take a really great photo of each couple. If you have singles at your party, photograph small groups of 2 to 3 friends.

Make your photos really unique by creating a kissing booth or use a cut out standie (the type people stick their face through). This serves as a terrific party decoration, a fun activity, and a party favor...all in one!

Actually print the photos out for your guests. This is a party favor anyone is sure to love!

For a more traditional party favor, a red rose for each guest is a nice treat. Wrap individual roses in clear cellophane and tie a ribbon around each one. Place all the roses in a large vase, so that they can double as party decor.

Of course, sweets are also great party favors, you can make your own cupcakes or cookies, or go for some special chocolates. Sweets that are a little uncommon make the best party favors. Go for something you can't get at your typical grocery store or make them yourself.

Valentines Party Ideas: Decorations, Favors, & More

Creative Valentine's Party Ideas:

1. Valentine's Day Mistletoe. Any round bundle of red hearts or miniature bouquet of red roses can be hung from the door frame to act as "mistletoe". Of course, it guests get caught under it, they'll have to kiss!

2. Dress to the occasion. Ask your guests to wear red or black. Get your guests into the mood by encouraging them to dress in the colors of love!

Food and Treats:

1. Box of Chocolates -- but of course. Everyone enjoys receiving a box of chocolates. Purchase a heart shaped box of chocolates. Open and serve at your party.

2. Have a romantic dinner for everyone! We've got some great simple and spectacular ideas to help you out at this link: romantic dinner ideas.

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