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Hiring Themed Walkaround Entertainment

Event planning ideas don’t end with choosing the venue, guests, food and drink. Don’t rest on your laurels! You’ll need to investigate the entertainment, and you might consider "walkaround entertainment".

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Magician LeicesterWhether it’s a large party, wedding reception, or corporate event, in your event planning ideas, don’t forget to plan the fun!

In the past, you may have hired a DJ, band, singer, dancers, or comedian, which all require either a stage or a section of the room which is just for them. In the last few years a new form of entertainment has come to the forefront that holds many benefits over traditional “stage based” entertainment, and that is “walkaround entertainment”.

Walkaround/strolling and mingle entertainment is just that: you hire an entertainer who isn’t tethered to a corner or the stage. A walkaround entertainer walks amongst your guests entertaining small groups at a time. It’s a great effortless ice breaker activity that the host doesn’t have to plan or coordinate.

There are literally dozens of different entertainers who can work in this way. Unique party entertainment like this, is a growing party trend that offers really unique party ideas for office parties, holiday parties, weddings and engagement parties, bar mitzvahs, and any large celebration!

Some of the most popular choices are:

  • close up magicians
  • caricaturists
  • look-a-likes
  • character acts
  • human statues
  • singing waiters

And there are many other choices for walkaround entertainment:

  • paparazzi style event photographers
  • silhouette portrait cutters
  • psychics
  • handwriting experts
  • freestyle soccer jugglers
  • even walkaround poets

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Benefits to Themed Walkaround Entertainment

Obviously, the greatest benefit of walkaround entertainment is that is a really creative party idea!


A walkaround act will move around the room, literally looking for his audience. He doesn’t need anything, his act self contained so you don’t need to worry about stage space, lighting or sound.

If you have a busy schedule with speeches and presentations, the performer can fit in short performances between segments. He is always ready to keep your guests amused and entertained. You can even call on him if the event is running behind; he can fill time to keep everybody happy.

Breaking the Ice: Even Easier than Ice Breaker Games!

Walkaround EntertainmentLarge parties, wedding receptions or corporate events have a large number of people who don’t know each other too well. Ice breaker games are fun, but can take a lot of effort on the part of the host. Hiring walkaround entertainment can make for an ice breaker activity that's effortless.

It’s never easy being the odd one out at a function, stiffly drinking champagne, assuming everybody else is friends with each other. Well, a walkaround entertainer can help to break the ice between groups, getting them laughing, amazed, in awe or surprised.

When guests see something amazing they just have to talk about it. It’s a shared experience between a small group, and everybody wants to share their opinion about the “crazily skilled stranger”.

Visual - No Language Barrier

Many walkaround acts have a highly visual style that doesn’t require any words to be appreciated. If a silhouette cutter cuts an unerringly accurate portrait of you then you will just appreciate the beauty of it. You will also want to share and compare with your friends’ portraits.

If you have many guests who don’t speak English as a first language, then they are sure to appreciate an entertainer that can convey everything with just a few gestures and still manage to impress you.

Magician Northampton

Saving on Space

Maybe you just haven’t got enough room for a traditional stage act to work. A mingling performer will walk amongst the guests and take up no more room than a normal guest. Yet a walkaround entertainer brings so much more to the party!

More Affordable

A live band or comedian may set you back several thousand dollars but a walkaround act will cost considerably less.

Up Close and Personal

The entertainment happens so close to you that you appreciate it even more.  On TV a psychic’s impressive displays may be put down to clever editing or TV tricks, but what if it happens live? What if it happened to you, a few inches from your face?

Event Planning Ideas: Theming your Entertainment

Have you got a particular slant to your party? There are loads of great themes out there such as heaven and hell, fire and ice, James Bond, Las Vegas, fancy dress, etc., and they all excite and fire the imagination of your guests in different ways. Speak to the walkaround act a couple of weeks in advance and ask if they can theme their act in any way to fit with the party.

How does Walkaround Entertainment Work?

Depending on the type of performer, he will usually break into a conversation in a light hearted way and then begin his performance. A close-up magician might ask if anybody had dropped a wallet.

When the group remark “No”, he’ll open the wallet, only for it to burst into flames. This will always get a huge reaction, and that’s enough for the performer to break into the group, build rapport and start to entertain.

Magician CaterhamA walkaround entertainer is a unique form of entertainment that has several benefits over traditional forms of entertainment.

When you are next organising a party, maybe you’ll consider this type of entertainment. You’ll see for yourself how much it adds to the event.

Noel Qualter is a close up wedding magician and entertainer who performs around the UK at a wide range of events.

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