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Winter Wonderland Theme

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Winter Wonderland ThemeA winter wonderland theme is an elegant party theme for any holiday party. If you are planning a holiday party for a diverse group of people in your neighborhood, office, or with family, this is a holiday theme everyone will enjoy.

Here are favorite ideas for this beautiful theme.

Create the Feel

Colors that "feel" like winter are the best choice: silver, white or cream, and shades of blue. Incorporate these colors into everything including the food. Sugar cookies and cupcakes can be dressed in white and blue. Rim cocktail glasses with silver, blue, or crystal white sugar.

Wintery Decorations

No winter wonderland would be complete without snow. One of the prettiest winter wonderland ideas I've seen was an inexpensive but effective use of balloons. Dozens and dozens of inexpensive white and silver helium balloons floated on the ceiling and were adorned with white curling ribbon. On the end of each ribbon was a handmade snowflake created from tissue wrapping paper. Hint: snowflakes need to be light so they don't cause the balloons to fall from the ceiling, so tissue wrapping paper works well.

Other beautiful ideas include flocking trees with a light white show, and white floral arrangement of roses, calla lillies, and carnations.

Wintery White Glow

White lights and lots of white candles accent this theme well. Want a really cost effective idea? Save your clear jars. It doesn't matter the size. Place tealight candles in a variety of different jars and line your walkway, porch or even create a table centerpiece. The simplicity can be quite attractive.

Winter Wonderland Theme Shop

The winter theme party is just one of the many Christmas party themes we have on the site. From funny and nostalgic themes like the "Naughty or Nice" theme to elegant themes like, "Christmas in New York", you'll find it all on the Christmas party themes page.

And for the best Christmas party entertainment, visit the Christmas party games page. You might be surprised at how much fun these game are. We've got ideas that bring big cheer to your holiday parties.

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